TokyoMilk Poe’s Tobacco Parfum EDP Spray

I’ve got to stop blind-buying just because I like the packaging! I bought this Tokyomilk perfume because I loved the raven and it’s semi-goth-name, Poe’s Tobacco. As I put it into my cart, I imagine this would be a dark, moody fragrance with amber and smoky tobacco. Well, it’s nothing like that.

Poe’s Tobacco is far from goth. It’s a super green, energetic fragrance. It’s not a Cleopatra-eyelined beatnik. It’s a fun, outdoorsy gal. It’s a heady jasmine with crisp green tea leaves. There’s no tobacco. It’s a white floral white floral with green tea and freshly mown grass. There’s a vague apple, fruitiness that is like chamomile tea. It smells like a spring day. It’s sunshine so bright but I’m not wearing my shades, so I find it irritating.

What we have here is packaging and a name that went to waste! There’s a disconnect between the marketing and the final product. And that’s really a bummer. If you want something dark, moody and gothic, you better look elsewhere.

This retails for about $30 on Amazon.

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from Beautyhabit. Poe from Wikipedia. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “TokyoMilk Poe’s Tobacco Parfum EDP Spray

  1. Man I wish I had read this post before I bought poes tobacco. I was expecting a dark moody scent. The only dark moodiness I got from it was my own after trying it and discovering what it really smellesd like…what a disappointment.

  2. I agree entirely about Poe’s Tobacco: it smells like diluted Anais Anais once it’s been on for a while. I wonder if this is why Tokyo Milk gave it Poe’s name – didn’t he write a few hoaxes?

    1. I like that point. I also agree that it does smell of a diluted Cacharel Anais Anais but with moodier packaging.

  3. I was wanting to try this one because, like you, I thought it would be very sultry, dark. I still want to try it but maybe later. I’m looking for something sultry.

    1. Yeah, Poe’s Tobacco is a pretty fragrance but it is not sultry or dark. I do like Dead Sexy for sultry, dark. Maybe you should try that one if you like vanilla. I really like it for fall/winter.

  4. I agree with you here. It isn’t what I wanted it to be. It doesn’t fit the name or the packaging or even the notes listed. But, it’s a pretty fragrance.

    1. That’s the power of marketing. Sometimes a company can shoot themselves in the foot with pairing the wrong juice with the wrong marketing. There’s nothing wrong with Poe’s Tobacco. It’s just not “Poe’s Tobacco”!

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