Northwest Indie Perfumer Circuit at Blackbird – January with Rebel + Mercury

Rebel & Mercury

In January, Seattle-based natural fragrance line, Rebel + Mercury by Nikki Sherrit-Lewis showcased at Blackbird during the Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit. Here’s my overview of the event!

A little bit about the line: Rebel + Mercury is a Seattle-based fragrance line by Nikki Sherrit-Lewis. The line includes all-natural personal fine fragrances and soy candles for the home.

Mixed media or natural? – 100% natural

My impressions of the line: The line is all-natural and is one of the few lines that I know of that makes 100% all-natural candles. The line is diverse. The line finds beauty in the unexpected such as the meatiness of mushroom and boozy funk of cognac. The line isn’t about being beautiful but about being original and unique. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t stunning beautiful perfumes in the line. There are but they have an edge. I think mainstream media would call these “non-traditional beauties”, the best beauties IMO.

Rebel + Mercury Cerise en Cocoa

The packaging: The packaging of the new Distinguished candles is gorgeous. Very sleek. The perfume packaging is simple but it really works for this line. You’re paying for the botanicals, not the packaging.

My favoriteCerise en Cocoa and here’s my review. Nikki has been on the record before saying her favorite note is osmanthus. And she knows how to use it. Cerise en Cocoa is a luscious juicy osmanthus-cherry-chocolate.

Rebel & Mercury Candles

Rebel + Mercury for Blackbird: The candle is smoky and leather. It fits with the Blackbird aesthetic with its simple but edgy black packaging.

At the event Osmathus Rouge was launched. This is a delicious osmanthus with warm spices. It reminds me a little of Cerise en Cocoa but lacks the cocoa sweetness. Also, the line had recently launched Distinguished candles which I got to sniff for the first time. No. 1 Vetiver & Cocoa is an earthy floral (has a hint of jasmine). No. 2 Sweet Incense & Tuberose is sultry and sexy. It’s a smoky tuberose. I love it. No. 3 Amber & Spice is a warm comforting amber. No. 4 is the one for Blackbird mentioned above. One of the things I’d like to note about these all natural candles is that when they are not burning they don’t throw. Once they are burning, they throw like a mofo. The heat gives the natural fragrance oils life.

Rebel & Mercury perfumes

Rebel & Mercury products are available at their etsy shop. I also recommend following Rebel & Mercury on Facebook to find out who carries the line in your area and to find out which shows/events the brand will be attending.

*Store pics are mine. Product pics are © Rebel + Mercury.

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