No, I Just Ran Into The Door or The Nars 'Black Eye' Kit

narsblackeyeNordstrom is now carrying a Nars “Black Eye” Value Set for those of you that can’t stand the idea of resorting to domestic abuse or bar fights. It is an essential Nars kit to create a smoky eye. Yes folks, the smoky eye is still en vogue and I keep hoping for it to die, but it won’t. Yes, I still do the smoky eye so I understand why companies are still pushing it. But, I am ready for something else. Alot of my disdain had to do with working in the industry and everyone wanted a “smoky” eye which to them just meant wearing eyeshadow and to me it meant dark, just like the Nars kit has to offer.  So, people were often disappointed to see themselves under a heavy hand. The “Black Eye” kit contains an eyeliner pencil in Black Moon, mascara in Black Orchid, eyeshadow duo in Pandora, and a baby eye makeup remover. It retails for $60 which isn’t so bad when we know that everybody uses black mascara and eyeliner.

toofacedsmoky Also, Too Faced has a cute little smoky eye kit that offers “daytime”, “fashion” and “classic” smoke. It includes instruction cards to teach you how to do a smoky eye. And honey, if you don’t know how to do one by now then I don’t know if some little cheat sheets will help. But still, it’s a cute idea. The cards are stored in the box behind the big, glamorous smoky eye. It retails for $32 and I think it’s worth it because it’s a versatile kit.

1 thought on “No, I Just Ran Into The Door or The Nars 'Black Eye' Kit

  1. I totally agree with you, the smokey eye sets are being produced on an over-kill level – almost every brand out there seems to have produced at least one over the past year.
    Still, they are cute – sell well to the ‘masses’ and are great to but in your bag for ‘day to night’ transformations. So I’m not complaining :o)

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