Nez a Nez Atelier d’Artiste EDP Perfume Review

Nez a Nez Atelier d'Artiste

In college all of the cool kids that you’d never know their names would hang out at some silly cocktail party sharing sorry Kerouac-ized versions of their young, misunderstood lives. These cool kids had oodles in common for kids that were so “different”.  But one of the common factors I noticed is that they liked to talked about how they modeled for “artists” (which was really them modeling at some community college’s non-credit drawing classes). I don’t know why they would always bring this up. The stories were boring and I’m not their mom. It wasn’t going to shock me. What I noticed with these conversations is that cool kids envy the artist lifestyle and have romanticized the artist’s studio. Nez à Nez Atelier d’Artiste is the romanticized artist’s studio in a bottle. It’s all about indulgence and texture. However, this interpretation is charming and entertaining. It says much more than pretentious pseudo-Bohemians. This fragrance attracts me to the studio…

Atelier d’Artiste is boozy. It’s an open bar with some raspberry cordials and grape jelly thrown in. It’s sweet, fruity and alcoholic. Unsmoked, sweet pipe tobacco is in the background. Throw in some plummy merlot to calm your nerves. The scent is thick, rich and decadent.The texture is velvet. The booze in Atelier d’Artiste is spectacular. You come in expecting to get paid to take your clothes, but at this stage you’ve decided you’re going to take them off regardless. With time the fragrance becomes a bit more camphoric and reminds me of exhaled menthol cigarettes. This is really a mix of patchouli and smoky tobacco. It’s cool, yet warm. Like being nude but your robe is within your reach. Atelier d’Artiste dries down to a boozy gourmand. It gets sweeter with freshly sliced vanilla bean pod and a hint of ground coffee. Yeah, I’ll keep modeling if it means I can come back here.

If a beginner sniffer wants to know what “boozy” means, then sample Atelier d’Artiste.

Dietrich Song of Songs

Notes listed include rum, cognac, black grape, cade, patchouli, vetiver, raspberry, tobacco, heliotrope, coffee beans and vanilla. PERFUMER – Karine Chevallier

Try Atelier d’Artiste if you like boozy fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Frapin 1697, By Kilian Back to Black, Costamor Tabacca, Nez à Nez Ambre à Sade and/or Paco Rabanne Lady Million (like it’s mainstream cousin). Atelier d’Artiste is unisex. Because of its texture, I like it for cool weather wear.

Projection and longevity are average. Now with a few more sprays, projection is above average. I like to “take it easy” with this one.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $165 at Luckyscent. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Boozy, fruity patchouli. Now this is my sort of fruitichouli. It’s sweet, fruity and patch-y. And this is why I like it.

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*Sample purchased by me. Product pic from Luckyscent. “Song of Songs” sheet music from

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    1. I love Ambre a Sade. I would say if you liked that one, then give this one a try. These are like siblings (one is a fruity amber and the other a fruity patchouli).

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