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NEW: Voluspa Maison Rouge Home Fragrance Collection

Voluspa Maison Rouge Collection

Voluspa has launched 8 new fragrances for the Maison Rouge Collection, just in time for the holidays. These eight fragrances are available in candles (in many sizes), room & body sprays (Aqua de Senteur), Room Diffuser, and moisturizing bar soaps. Like most Voluspa products, the packaging is gorgeous. The colors and designs are rich, luxe, and elegant. Think turn of the century Art Nouveau-ish daguerreotypes with a modern edge.  There’s even a  moth design on one of the candles, my favorite imagery ever. The eight scents in this new collection include:

Arcadaia – “a mythical garden of French Provencal verbena blended with sweet grass and spicy wood”

Golden Cypress Sawara – “the perfect sugary spiced balsam”

Pomengranate Patchouli – “tart pomengranate interwoven with earthy, warm patchouli”

Figue de Bourdeaux – “lush, refreshing and alluring; a leafy, herbaceious fig”

Mandarino Cannela – “mandarin orange and stem ginger notes with creamy vanilla and cinnamon base”

Muscari – “bell shaped blooms emitting an aroma of sweet succulence”

White Currant Quince Versailles – “an unexpected clear tart berry of white currant”

Warm Perique Tabac – “lushily evocative, perique tabac layered with antique wood and vanilla”.

Do any of these stand out to you? I really want to sniff Figue de Bourdeaux because I’m fig obsessed. I’m also interested in Warm Perique Tabac, this is the one with the moth packaging. What I like about this collection is that it isn’t too “holiday”. The colors aren’t the standard green and red and the fragrances aren’t cinnamon or pine. From the descriptions all of the scents seem to be about comfort. The packaging is elegant and looks like it belongs in an antiquarian study. Rumor has it that this collection will be available year round 🙂

Candles range in sizes meaning that prices range from $6-$27. The 3.8 oz  Aqua de Senteur spray retails for $19. The bar soap goes for $9. The Petite Fragrance Diffuser retails for $28. This collection is available at Candles Off Main . Check out my Beauty Deals & Promos for specials 😉

8 thoughts on “NEW: Voluspa Maison Rouge Home Fragrance Collection

  1. If you’re fig obsessed, then Fig de Bourdeaux is perfect for you! It’s simple, uncomplicated fig and not too sweet.

    Warm Perique Tabac is a luscious tobacco fragrance. Great for colder months.

    My favorite fragrance is Golden Cypress Sawara. It’s a clean, woodsy scent that works well year round to bring clean woodland air into your home.

    I believe that the collection is year-round and not meant to be specifically Holiday. The chunky red glass is gorgeous and deep – not a bright, obvious red.

    1. I really do want to try these. The Fig and the Tabac seem to be something I’d like. But, a woodsy fragrance is always nice for a living space. It’s a “neutral” aroma.
      The PR info was a bit confusing being that the other Maison Collections are permanent. I think I may have misinterpreted because everything said “holiday” and perhaps this launch is in time for the holidays. And maybe the gift sets and other stuff are only available for the holidays? I’m going to change the title. Thanks 🙂

  2. This whole line sounds lovely. I am particularly enchanted by Golden Cyress Sawara and Arcadaia.

    I wonder if they have Canadian distribution. I worry about ordering things in glass containers!

    1. I totally understand. That’s why I avoid international shipping too. The site lists a store in UK as their “international distributor”. Other e-tailers in the US do ship to Canada but like you said, they’re glass! Sometimes you can find this line (at least in the US) at small home interior/decorating shops.
      I always love a good home fragrance/candle. I’ve tried other Voluspa scents in the past and have been impressed with their quality. Baltic Amber is very cozy and beautiful for winter.

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