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NEW: Smell Bent 2010 Winter Perfume Collection

Smell Bent 2010 Holiday Perfume

Smell Bent has recently launched their limited edition 2010 Holiday Smellies. I’m not a holiday person (I know, something is wrong with me), but I’m loving the inspiration behind these 5 new Smellies:

Dr. Dreidel : “freshly carved hiba wood, spiced with angelica root and pimento leaf”  -I’m stoked about this one. Thank you Smell Bent for not be Christmas-centric!

Elf-Fulfilling Prophecy : “a little velvet pocket full of cinnamon sugar cookies, naughty pipe tobacco and toy shop sawdust” – I have no idea what to expect with that list of notes!

The Bi-Polar Express : “a blend of Roman, German, and South African chamomile with honeycomb, blue tansy and smooth mahogany” – OK, I can see how this name can turn some people off . Bipolar disorder is something that many people and families struggle with and I understand that one should be sensitive to that. However, I can see the humor in this name and the calming notes. Hmmm…maybe I’ll send this in a care package to a few of my family members!

Reindeer Games : “French incense bergamot, poplar bud and amber, with templin and douglas fir” – Douglas fir? I’m curious. I love the smell of douglas fir in perfumery!

Sexy Turtleneck : “soft woods, musk, tonka, resins, butter extract and clean patchouli” – I find this name funny since I hate wearing turtlenecks but my husband loves me in them. He says they are so ski-bunny sexy. They just make me feel claustrophobic sexy 🙂

These limited edition perfumes come in an oil which retails for $20 and an EDT spray which retails for $45. Sample sizes are available for purchase too at Smell Bent.

6 thoughts on “NEW: Smell Bent 2010 Winter Perfume Collection

  1. Reindeer Games sounds like my cup of tea!

    Lucky you, your husb digs the turtle necks. I love them and my husb doesn’t care for them, He actually threw one of mine in the garbage once! It was getting old and stetched out…LOL

    I actually laughed out loud at the desciption of The Bi-Polar Express on the Smell Bent site: “For anyone with friends and family”.

    That is odd for me because I take jokes about mental illness to heart and really hate anything that has the potential to add to the stigma. But this time, I’ll let it slide. 🙂

    1. I find it so odd that my husband likes turtlenecks. He says they are sexy. I think he says that because I rarely wear them or maybe because nobody else will find me attractive in one! Hmm…maybe I’ll wear an old stretched one and see if thinks that’s sexy? 😉
      I think with that I “forgive” the Bi-Polar Express name because it is almost compassionate. I mean the line “for anyone with friends and family” is comforting, saying “you aren’t alone, mental illness is in every family and the holidays will test all of you and your love for one another”. So the name to me doesn’t add a stigma but more of an awareness or support system.

        1. Maybe I’m making unnecessary excuses?
          From personal experience, I know that sometimes one has to laugh at the serious stuff or you’ll never be able to deal with it.

  2. These all read to me like home fragrances instead of something that I’d like to smell like. I really do not want to smell like cinnamon or sugar cookies!

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