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NEW – Pirouette Essentials Soaps in 5 New Scents

Pirouette Black Mission Fig

Seattle local brand, Pirouette Essentials has launched 5 new scents available in their awesome, natural soaps.

White Ginger Julep – “Supportive white ginger with a hint of cool refreshment leaves you feeling restored and clear minded.” – Sounds like a good fragrance for a morning a shower.

Chocolate Love Affair – “Rich cocoa and comforting chocolate aroma embraced in passionate orange and sexy vanilla.” – Yes, please. I love to smell like chocolate.

Midnight Gardenia – “Opens spirtual awareness, evoking inner peace while uplifting the heart and inspiring love for yourself and others.” – I’m sure it’s a pretty white floral.

Violetta – “A feminine, powdery scent long believed to attract love and create a protective space for open hearts to hold it.” – A good violet soap always says “spring” to me. I typically purchase Violetta di Parma soaps every March.

Black Mission Fig – “Sultry green earth, sandalwood, ambery ripeness and a sweet center of inspiration and joy.” – This is the fragrance that I am most excited about. You guys know I love figs! This scent sounds awesome.

pirouette Midnight Gardenia

Do any of these sound appealing to you? I really want to try Black Mission Fig and Chocolate Love Affair.

These soaps are made with vegetable oils, vegan essential oils and botanical extracts. I love the formula and you can read my review of Roses Are Red here. These bar soaps are highly fragrant, truly luxurious. And the packaging is very nice.

The 4 oz bars retail for $8 and are available at Pirouette Essentials. 

*Product photos are from Pirouette.

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    1. The Honey Jasmine soap? I haven’t tried that one. I got hooked on the Rose one. And that’s the one I keep repurchasing. I need to branch out 😉

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