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NEW: Linari Acqua Santa Perfume

Linari Aqua Santa fragranceLuxury fragrance house Linari has added Acqua Santa Eau de Parfum to their collection. This fragrance was created by Maurice Roucel, the nose behind such fragrances as Armani Onde Mystere EDP, Hermès 24 EDP, and Dunhilll Fresh EDT. The heavy glass flacon was designed by Rainer Diersche.

Linari Acqua Santa sounds like a fresh floral fragrance with a creamy base. From the notes, Acqua Santa appears to be quite a moody fragrance going from “innocent” to “sensual”.

Notes listed include: Sicilian bergamot, cassis, coriander, Javanese patchouli, green leaves, rose petals, wild jasmine, ylang-ylang, cyclamen, lily of the valley, caramel, musk, tonka bean, and cedarwood.

A 3.3 oz bottle of Linari Acqua Santa is available at MiN for $195.

*Product image from MiN

4 thoughts on “NEW: Linari Acqua Santa Perfume

  1. 😛 This perfume is AMAZING! I had to have it as soon as I wore it on my skin. It’s bright yet soft. Absolutely gorgeous! p.s. Notte Bianca is really cool too.

    1. I haven’t tried it but would love to. The notes seem like they would wear “naturally” on the skin. I can easily see it being like your description “bright yet soft”.
      Notte Bianca sounds like something I would love: bergamot, absinthe, and woods? Sounds like an amazing Mark Buxton creation.

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