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NEW: Joya FvsS: Parfums Composition No. 1 & Composition No. 6

Joya has launched 2 new unisex fragrance oils in hand cast porcelain bottles with perfume wands dipped in 22k gold. Decadent, huh? This collection also features 2 travel size roller-balls and soaps with porcelain trays.

Joya Composition No 1 Parfum

Composition No. 1 (the white bottle) contains the following notes: Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange, fresh quince, heliotrope petals, tuberose, jasmine, camellia, Damask rose, sandalwood, pale musk, and tonka bean.

Joya Composition No 6 Parfum

Composition No. 6 (the black bottle) contains the following notes: Fijian cypress, juniper berries, yuzu, lotus leaves and blossoms, fresh air accord, green meadowgrass, cedarwood, saffron, and amber.

What do you think? I find the packaging attractive but I haven’t seen it in person. I mean it has a “magic wand” dipped in gold. I choose to think of it as a “dagger”, making it more femme fatale. I’ll take a perfume oil over an alcohol spray any day.

The 2.5 oz. parfum retails for $112. The travel oil retails for $28. The perfumed soaps and porcelain tray are a set; their price is $48. These parfums are available at Barney’s and Indie Scents. Soon these will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Hong Kong.

*product pics from the brand.

9 thoughts on “NEW: Joya FvsS: Parfums Composition No. 1 & Composition No. 6

  1. I love the notes in Composition No.6. Sounds beautiful!

    I saw the roller ball on the BeautyHabit site last night, and was tempted…I ordered just a Crazy Stick, the elusive Encens Mystic that I could not find in a Canadian online boutique. Frustrating!

    1. I hear that it is a “green” scent, herbaceous. That’s the one that sounds the most interesting to me too. I like oils and roller-balls.
      I love Encens Mystic, it’s an incense fragrance. I think it’s awesome for the price (don’t know how much it is for you, sounds difficult to find). It’s great for layering :). It makes the perfect base for so many creations. I really hope you like it. I seem to be hyping it up. But, seriously I buy like 2-3 a year because my husband wears it too.

        1. He probably doesn’t want me telling people that he wears a solid perfume popular with French high-school aged girls!

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