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NEW: INeKe Guilded Lily Perfume

Ineke Gilded Lily EDP

INeKe is launching a new fragrance inspired by “yami yuri”, the Goldband Lily of Japan, in late September. This perfume, Guilded Lily, will be the newest addition to the alphabetical fragrances line. (This means that I have to wait for 15 more bottles until I’m at my letter: /v/).  Guilded Lily is described as “the quintessential well-groomed scent, accompanied by a head-turning deliciousness“.

The fragrance is described as a “fruity chypre”with notes of pineapple, rhubarb, grapefruit, bergamot, apple, peach, elemi, Goldband Lily of Japan, patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.

I’m curious about this one. I typically like fruits when paired with woods. I’ve never sniffed a Goldband Lily (that I know of) but I assume that it will add a coolness to this juice. And I don’t say this very often, but that bottle is sexy. I love the richness of red and gold. It’s seductive. The bottle just looks like something that I would reach for in the fall and winter.

I just found this out:  If you purchase the $25 Deluxe Sample Collection offered on INeKe’s online boutique, not only will you be able to try all of The Alphabetical Collection, but your $25 is completely redeemable for future website purchase. That’s awesome. I wish more niche houses would do this. Not all of us have access to these niche brands in local boutiques. This sample set will include Guilded Lily when it is available.

Ineke Delux Sample Collection

UPDATE: Here’s my review of the perfume.

*Product pics from the brand.

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