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NEW: INeKe Floral Curiosities Perfume for Anthropologie

Ineke Floral Curiosities

INeKe Perfumes and Anthropologie will be launching a collaborative, limited edition perfume line in August: Floral Curiosities. The line will contain four fragrances created by niche perfumer, Ineke Rühland. Each fragrance is inspired by Ineke’s gardens in California:

Angel’s Trumpet – Described as “rich and opulent” with notes of honeydew melon, Seville orange, leafy greens, cinnamon leaf, allspice, Virgina cedar, and white musk. – I love the intoxicating smell of night-blooming Angel’s Trumpet. For the first time ever, I admit that I’d be happy with a soliflore. I’m a little disappointed to not see Angel’s Trumpet as a note listed. However, I am still excited to sniff this one. From the notes listed, it seems like a “lighter” Evening Edged in Gold.

Briar Rose – Described as “fruity and powdery” with notes of black raspberry, bitter almond, exotic spices, black violet, patchouli, and cacao absolute. – These notes sound beautiful together. Black violet, almond, and patchouli? Yes, please. I can’t wait to try this one. And I like the name.

Poet’s Jasmine – Described as “citrus and herbal” with notes of Poet’s Jasmine tea, citrus, star anise, rosemary, absinthe, frankincense, cardamom, hinoki wood, and guaiac wood. – Sounds very unisex and refreshing to me.

Scarlet Larkspur – Described as “floral or*ental” with notes of claret wine, nutmeg, saffron, amyris wood, tonka bean, bourbon vanilla, blood orange, red currant, and morello cherry. – Sounds like a gourmet mulled wine. I’m a saffron fan, so I can’t wait to try this.

Ineke is a talented perfumer.  The price point is very good. The water-colored bottles look beautiful. You better believe that I’ll be in Anthropologie in August to try these. What do you think? Any of these stand out to you?

Each 2.5 EDP spray will retail for $68 and will only be available only at Anthropologie.

7 thoughts on “NEW: INeKe Floral Curiosities Perfume for Anthropologie

  1. Agree, these look fantastic. While I can appreciate the Inekes, none of them that I’ve tried has been a must-have (although I have a sample of Gilded Lily I haven’t tested yet that I have high hopes for). Of these, I’m most interested in Briar Rose and Scarlet Larkspur.

    1. Her style is too sheer and “polished” for me, but I respect what she does. And when they work for someone they really “work”. I guess we aren’t those people 🙂

      The 2 that you mentioned are the exact 2 that I have the highest hopes for.

  2. I really like Field Notes From Paris so when I finally decide to get a FB of Ineke’s perfumes this will be my #1. I also liked E but not sure if I want to use more than just a sample.
    I keep looking at the calendar – I plan to run to Anthropologie the first weekend in August. I’m that curious! Well, in my defense I knew about this upcoming release since the sniffing event in SF in May.

    1. Field Notes is my favorite.

      I have heard rumors about this Anthropologie release, but you know how those go. I was very happy to see that it all has worked out and now we get to sniff them!

      D.S. & Durga did a collaboration with Anthropologie. All of the scents were amazing, so I’m really looking forward to this Ineke collection.

  3. Got to smell 3 of these in store. (They didn’t have Briar Rose). I love Angel’s Trumpet! It’s a beautiful white floral.

    1. I like that one too. I’m still on the fence about Briar Rose. It is very “jammy”, maybe good for cooler weather.

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