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NEW: DSH Parfums des Beaux Arts Holiday 2010 Solid Perfumes

This holiday season, luxury perfume brand Parfums des Beaux Arts  by DSH has launched 5 limited edition solid perfumes for the 2010 holidays. These solids are available in a few of my favorite Parfums des Beaux Arts fragrances. Each solid have a pure beeswax, jojoba, and a coconut base that adds a creaminess to the perfumes. The limited edition solids are available in the following blends:

Piment et Chocolat – This fragrance is described as a spicy-chypre-gourmand with notes of pepper, chilis, spices, and dark chocolate. This one that I haven’t tried but I’ve always been very tempted by its description. It sounds like an amazing fragrance to wear in the winter. Goes for $45

Cafe Noir – So far, this has been my favorite Parfums des Beaux Arts fragrance that I’ve sampled. It’s a moody blend of pepper, spices, Bulgarian rose, and coffee. I’d love to have this in a portable solid! Goes for $45. (My review here).

Cimabue – Here’s another Parfums des Beaux Arts fragrance that I adore! Cimabue is a decadent blend of spices such as saffron and clove, heady florals, and exotic woods. Goes for $33. (My review here).

Tubereuse – What? Another that I adore? This is a rich, tuberose soliflore with a milky base. My guess is that this one works very well in a solid formula. I imagine with a slight coconuty base that this is heavenly. Goes for $27. (My review here).

Winter White – This is a “skin scent” meaning that it is soft and light. It has notes of raspberry, white rose, and powdery heliotrope and musk. This sounds delicate and pretty, but I’ve never tried it. Goes for $25

All of these limited edition solids are available at DSH’s on-line boutique.

5 thoughts on “NEW: DSH Parfums des Beaux Arts Holiday 2010 Solid Perfumes

  1. Cafe Noir is calling me! Actually I’d like to try them all, but lately I’ve been wanting to sample perfumes with coffee notes. I think I just ordered a sample from somewhere coupling oud and coffee, that could be amazing or disastrous.

    1. Cafe Noir is so moody. I love it. It’s my favorite from DSH Perfumes.
      Hmm… oud and coffee. I’m with you. It could be the best fragrance ever or just straight up wrong! What is it?

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