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NEW: Bobbi Brown 2010 Black Velvet Collection

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Color Collection

There’s so many limited edition makeup collections launching all the time. I can’t really keep up even though I try. I am easily exhausted by limited edition releases. Life is too short to cover them all. Recently, out and about at Nordstrom’s I stumbled upon Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Collection and I was intrigued. I’m sure colors like this exist already but I just liked them, especially all together on the display. I’m a closet goth. I’m attracted to deep, dark colors. I’m not loving the model’s look. It’s a bit disturbing but I can’t identify why. It’s disturbing becuase it is slightly Prince-ish. Bobbi Brown Black Velvet has deep, dark colors; however, the seem appropriate for daily wear. This collection includes:

EYES: There are 3 new Kohl Eyeliners and I am so saddened that are LE becuase they are awesome! There’s Black Chocolate (deep brown), Black Plum (deep purple), and Black. These babies create such an awesome Theda Bara smudgy eye. These retail for $22. There are 3 new Metallic Eye Shadows. There’s Black Berry (deep burgundy shimmer in a black base), Black Charcoal (deep charcoal shimmer), and Black Cocoa (bronze shimmers in a deep brown). These shadows are beautiful. Even though I am tired of the smoky eye, I still like these shadows. They are pretty. There are 2 new Matte Eye Shadows in Black Charcoal (deep charcoal) and Black Chocolate (almost black brown). These colors are very versatile as a liner, brow powder, or even a dramatic smoky eye. All of these retail for $20. There are 2 new Sparkle Eye Shadows in Black Velvet (rich black purple shimmer) and Black (super shimmery pewter black). These are very glittery. These go for $24.

LIPS: I love dark, vampy lips. There are 2 new Lip Colors in Black Maple (dark reddish brown) and Black Raspberry (dark but not too dark berry plum). I’m in love with these. They are perfect for a 20’s inspired vampy lip! There’s a Metallic Lip Color in Black Garnet, a tarnished bronze. These lip colors retail for $22. There are 2 new Creamy Lip Colors in Black Cherry, a dark wine, and Black Mahogony, a deep brown with red undertones. I love these too and they go for $22. There’s a new Sheer Lip Gloss in Black Chocolate, a rich but sheer chocolatey plum brown. This goes for $20.

I’m loving every color in this collection. They are so vampy but wearable. The lip colors are beautiful. They are dark but they look so well with a simple, neutral eye and slicked back hair and a tweed suit. Such elegance! The eye colors are dark and gothic. I’ve fallen for the liners buying Black Chocolate, the perfect dark brown for daily use. This formula is smooth and doesn’t irritate my eyes. The shadows are dark but sometimes I want that kind of drama. Like I said before, I’m a closet goth, I crave this moody colors. And I love Bobbi Brown cosmetic’s formulas. So it makes sense that I love this collection!

This collection is limited edition but oh so fierce. It can be picked up at department stores that carry Bobbi Brown and department stores like Macys.