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NEW: 3 Luckyscent Untitled Perfume Oils

Luckyscent Untitled Perfumes 2011

Thanks to last Friday’s #fumechat, I am now interested in three new limited edition perfumes at Luckyscent. Untitled is a collaboration between niche perfumers and the shop, Luckyscent. These bottles are limited edition and quanity. There are only 100 bottles of each formula.

#08 Untitled by Bren Leonesio – Brent is the perfumer behind the brand, Smell Bent. Oh, how I want to try this blend of feral, dirty notes: narcissus, civet, fur, tobacco, feral musk, oud, and black leather. So many of my favorite notes! The only thing missing is patchouli. The last time Luckyscent “warned” me about a fragrance was with Boadicea the Victorious Complex, a dirty, grungy scent that I’m obsessed with. And there’s one thing that I can say about Brent , he isn’t scared of dirty, musky skank and he’ll use it! #08 Untitled retails for $60.

#07 Untitled by Hilde Soliani – Hilde is the perfumer behind Hilde Soliani, a line that pairs unusual foody note with familiar perfumery notes. This a cozy blend of citrus accord, Madagascar vanilla, and Mysore sandalwood. I don’t know, this one sounds a bit boring to me. The descriptions of the other Hilde Soliani scents are much more interesting. However, it’s those “boring” ones that surprise me. When I lower my expectations, I’m usually a happier gal. This one retails for $80.

#06 Untitled by Susanne Lang – Susanne is the perfumer behind Susanne Lang and Sula. She’s also worked on numerous other projects. This is a scent that I’m really interested in with its notes of aged patchouli, agarwood (oud), Indian sandalwood, clove, nutmeg, and dark chocolate. Now this one sounds cozy. It retails for $70.

Has anyone tried these yet? Chime in if you have! Do any of these stand out to you? I know I should give in an order a few samples, but I’m really tempted to purchase Brent’s #08 unsniffed. Talk me out of it!

Product pictures are from Luckyscent, collage made by EauMG

10 thoughts on “NEW: 3 Luckyscent Untitled Perfume Oils

  1. The Brent Leonesio has a few of the same notes as Miss Balmain, minus the oud and the “fur accord”. I am quite curious about it even though Miss Balmain isn’t quite for me.

    I was pleasently suprised by the price. I though they would be cost much more.

    Loved fumechat! It was fun! I just wish Twitter didn’t run so bloody slow on my computer. I’ve tried to fix it, but so far, no good. Despite that, I am looking forward to next week’s chat.

    1. I have no experience with Miss Balmain so it’s difficult for me to “imagine”, but Miss Balmain sounds like something I should try.
      I have a feeling that Brent’s will be very, very dirty. All of the scents that I have tried mentioning “animalic musks” have been the dirtiest musks that I have ever sniffed in my life. I’m not saying this as a bad thing. I think I may like his Untitled.

      Yeah, I think the prices are very fair too. I was expecting a gouge!

      Fumchat was fun. My Twitter crashed b/c of all of the fumechatting! 😉 I could read everyone’s response but couldn’t comment. I kept getting an error message. It was very frustrating. But, I enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and topics.

    1. I feel that my mind is hyping #6 and #8 up too. They are getting up there to a place that they can’t live up to.
      Can’t wait to hear what you think of them.

        1. Ha! I’m seeing #7 being the stunner in this situation because we aren’t interested in it at all! It’ll be this little unappreciated gem. (Or not).

          1. It’s the underdog of the lot 🙂 It doesn’t sound bad, just simple and in comparison to the others, boring.

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