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Neutrogena Transparent Facial Original Formula Bar Soap Review

Neutrogena bar soap

Weekly Cheap Secret:

This is one of those products that I always have around and just don’t review because it’s just overlooked. I never used this product until I married my husband. He always raved of it. I thought, he’s a guy, what does he know? And to be rude, it’s cheap. I have normal skin. It’s usually happy. However, in the summer it gets oilier. Since I never had oily skin, I never know how to deal with it. Husband recommended that I pick up a bar of this. I did and I love it for summer.

I’m sure you’ve heard me complain about it before, but we don’t have A/C. When I tell my Southern family and friends this, they just assume that is because it never gets hot here. They’re wrong. Most of the time it’s mild but we do get heat. It gets stuffy. Living in an old home with no A/C doesn’t actually feel comfortable even when it is a mild and perfect 70 degrees out. I get greasy.

When I use this bar soap in the morning and at night, my skin looks good. It feels good. I follow-up with an oil-free day cream and an oil-free night cream. Black heads are gone around the nose.  The formula rinses off easily and I feel clean. I can see how this soap may be too drying for me in the winter. I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin.

OK, so my blog has proved that I like many cleansers. However, this one is different because of the price. A bar lasts all summer. This is awesome. Because of this, I can spend my money on light, airy summer EDTs instead 🙂

I use the original formula. This does have a strong fragrance. This fragrance is almost like a citrus oakmoss scent. It’s sporty in a 70’s “sporty” fragrance way. I like the fragrance but I can see how others could not. I think it smells clean and unisex.

This bar can be picked up at drugstores and on Amazon. 

UPDATE: I care about pH now.

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

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