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NEST Sicilian Tangerine & White Narcisse Candle Review

OK, I’ve had a really busy Sunday organizing and cleaning, but I thought I’d post something anyway. Here’s my “mini reviews” of two home fragrances from NEST.

NEST Sicilian Tangerine

Sicilian Tangerine – Notes listed include Sicilian tangerine, bergamot, mango and passion fruit.

This is a very nice tropical fruit tangerine. I want it blended in ice with rum and brought to my poolside lounger STAT 😉

It’s a fresh citrus with a sweet, tropical mango and passion fruit that doesn’t remind me of Sicily but the Caribbean. It’s a good fragrance for summer or to burn when you wish it were summer! It’s worth trying if you like scents like Thymes Agave Nectar, Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava and/or Votivo Pink Mimosa. 

The candle comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $14-$58 (votive to 3-wick)

NEST White Narcisse

White Narcisse – Notes include white narcissus, French mimosa, muguet and creamy sandalwood.

Love at first sniff. This is a powdery narcissus with this creamy sandalwood. Personally, I think NEST’s strengths are with their florals. The line knows how to do gorgeous florals that aren’t suffocating! White Narcisse is springtime in wax form. It’s a heady white floral that is worth trying if you like home scents like NEST Sir Elton John Woodside Garden, Aromatique The Smell of Spring and/or Votivo Paperwhite Narcissus.

The vessel of this one as you can see if different than the others by NEST. It’s white porcelain with an embossed bouquet of narcissus. It’s more “romantic” than how I’d describe my current decor;  however, it fits right in with my eclectic home. Speaking of…I should get back to cleaning now.

Retails for $48.

Both of these burn smoothly and have major throw like all the other NEST candles that I own.

NEST candles are available at Candles Off Main.

*Products purchased by me. Pics from Candles Off Main.

4 thoughts on “NEST Sicilian Tangerine & White Narcisse Candle Review

  1. I loved White Narcisse candle and I hope they put in their regular candle vessel someday, because as much as I love how it looks and I don’t need more than one, if that makes sense. I cleaned out the one I used up and I put a small flameless candle it. It looks so pretty lit from within with the narcissus pattern. I will put it out every spring. I am sure it would make for a good vase or makeup brush holder too.
    I just ordered two new Nest candles in the votive size to try and can’t wait to get them. One is Lemongrass & Ginger has notes of lemongrass, ginger and also lavender, rosemary and thyme and it sounds refreshing and like it would be a great kitchen candle. The other is a brand new scent called Japanese Black Current which has notes of Japanese black currant, mirabelle plum, kadota fig, and sandalwood and it sounds perfect for this time of the year. I don’t have a place that sells Nest near me, so I love the votive size to try them out.

    1. I totally get what you are saying. It’s a great fragrance but I don’t really need more than one of the specialty vessel. Their Jason Wu candle is probably my most favorite home fragrance ever and I really wish they’d bring it back in their regular line because I don’t need numerous Jason Wu vessels.

      Oh, a vase, I like the idea of that.

      I’m very interested in those 2 new ones. Japanese Black Currant sounds so “me”.

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