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NEST Pumpkin Chai & Tahiti Vanilla Candle Reviews

It’s cool and rainy here in Seattle. I’m starting to wear my “thicker” fragrances that are either spicy, smoky or gourmand. I’m also baking again and enjoying cooking. Even with all of this personal fragrance and ambient home fragrance, I still want my house to smell spicy or gourmand! Thanks to NEST, my home can smell even better with their autumn candle collection.

NEST autumn 2011 candles

Pumpkin ChaiContains notes of wild pumpkin, masala chai, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. Imagine the most decadent pumpkin pie ever. Now imagine it in a candle to enjoy any time of the year. Pumpkin Chai is a warm, out of the oven pumpkin pie scented with chai spices (which I use in my pumpkin pies). It’s warm and cozy and yes, gourmand. And spicy. The cardamom is so good in this.

The packaging is different than other NEST candles. The wax is a pumpkin pie orange and the glass is a dark brown. I’m not wild about the dark brown, too 1970’s for me, but it is very “harvest”. And the brown and orange really fits the seasonal aspect of the fragrance. Or with your Jonathan Adler-ish retro styled home 🙂

Tahiti VanillaContains notes of Tahitian vanilla bean, white chocolate, cinnamon, caramel and white rum. If you like sweet, foody vanillas then you will love this candle! I sure do. It’s so warm and delicious. It’s vanilla bean custard with white chocolate whipped cream. There’s a gentle dose of spice and toasted sugar. This the candle I burn and since it is a highly fragrant NEST candle, the next day people are like “What have you been baking? I want some!” Tahiti Vanilla is inspired by founder, Laura Slatkin’s vacation to Tahiti. I see that. Tahiti Vanilla is slightly tropical but not in a floral-coconut way. It’s more gourmand but it is as warm as Tahitian sands. I really wish this one wasn’t limited edition/seasonal. I could smell this all year long.

The packaging of Tahiti Vanilla is like the “regular” NEST line-up: frosted striped glass with white wax.

I really, really love both of these candles (doing that even as I type). They are perfect for cool, rainy and gloomy Seattle autumn days and nights. These are cozy and warm me up. If you are feeling very decadent, like I feel everyday, then burn both of these at the same time. It’s the best. The vanilla custard with pumpkin pie spice is so gluttonous and luxurious. My house smells like I’m getting ready for a bake sale, but that’s why I love it!

Wynn Gibson baking

These scents may be too sweet and foody for some people. But, I love that sort of home fragrance this time of year. If you want your home to smell like pumpkin pie, chai spice or vanilla custard then look no further.

Like all NEST candles, these are very fragrant. I can smell them hours, like a day after, burning it. The wax burns slowly and evenly. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know I’m happy with the NEST formula.

These candles retail for $32 and burn for approximately 50 hours. NEST candles can be purchased at Candles Off Main. (Check out Sue’s “taking it to the streets” candid responses of Pumpkin Chai).

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*Disclaimer – Products were provided by NEST. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. 1930’s actress, Wynn Gibson, pic from www.fanpix.net. 

11 thoughts on “NEST Pumpkin Chai & Tahiti Vanilla Candle Reviews

    1. I know. It’s dangerous to shop now! I’m all about anything pumpkin and this Pumpkin Chai is like a pumpkin spice muffin or pumpkin spice latte (my ultimate weakness!)
      The Vanilla is so good but it isn’t as “seasonal” smelling as the Pumpkin Chai IMO. But, they smell so good burning together, because, you know, everyone needs to burn like $65 of candles at once 😉

  1. Mmmm…I love this time of year, when the leaves are turning to glorious shades of red and gold, I get to dig out my chunky sweaters, long skirts, and suede boots, and the house fills with the smells of fall and then winter!

    And nothing smells more like autumn than pumpkin pie and spices. I love that you can still smell NEST candles the next day!
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    1. Great description and why I love the season too 🙂

      NEST candles throw! I’ve had times where I thought I left the candle burning overnight or while I was away because the smell is still there.

  2. I love Nest Pumpkin Chai! It’s like Fall in a candle. I immediately want to put on comfy jeans and a sweater and chill on the couch by the fire with this candle. It’s just perfect. Love the warm packaging and rich orange wax too. Great review!!

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