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NEST Peony Blanche Candle Review

Nest Peony Blanche candle

NEST Peony Blanche is a feminine, romantic fresh floral that isn’t cloying. It’s a big, beautiful, spring floral, a budding diva. For some reason, I imagine this is what a young pop star’s dressing rooms smell like 🙂

The scent is definitely floral with ozonic peony, sweet violet, and heady magnolia. There’s a little bit of watery melon to this that keeps Peony Blanche fresh. Usually florals like this are too cloying and heavy. Peony Blanche isn’t. NEST does a wonderful job with florals, adding enough “water” to balance out the blends. This aquatic element keeps the florals from being suffocating or powdery. NEST does “fresh floral” very, very well.

Like all NEST candles, the throw is really good with this one. The scent will linger. The candle burns slowly and evenly. The wax in this one is pink, one of my favorite shades in home decor. My house is really, really pink. I’m proud of this 🙂

Notes listed include peony blossoms, watery nuances, jasmine, magnolia, and lily.

You may like the scent of Peony Blanche if you like romantic florals like  NEST Pink Jasmine, Archipelago Peony, and/or Slatkin & Co. Hydrangea.

The 8.1 0z glass jar NEST candle retails for $32 and is available at Candles Off Main.

*Disclaimer – Product was provided by NEST. My opinions are my own. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others.

11 thoughts on “NEST Peony Blanche Candle Review

  1. Nest does an amazing job with fresh/clean florals. Like no one else. Laura Slatkin is so well-versed with modern florals that she created her own name for this category – Flitrus. Blue Garden also uses a lot of watery notes – “dew drop effect”. I haven’t tried this fragrance at home yet, but I’ve heard it’s crazy fragrant like all Nest candles. Great review! I love the “budding diva” comment.

    1. Love “flitrus”. She does that and she does it well.

      Blue Garden is an amazing fresh floral, dewy. I highly recommend it. I also love Pink Jasmine. (Still trying to decide if I like Pink Jasmine or Peony Blanche better…)

      It’s funny because I’m not usually the one attracted to fresh florals or citrus, but NEST makes me like them. I want my house to smell clean, not too clean or soapy, and fresh without being too aquatic. NEST is the brand for that. And I think they have a good price point. The $14 votives are very generous in size.

  2. This is a pretty candle! And from your description it seems like it is even prettier than it smells!

  3. I love Nest candles. They are inexpensive and smell so good. I swear I can smell some of the scents 2-3 days after burning the candle.

    1. I know! I’ve thought I left a candle burning while I was at work (which doesn’t make any sense) because these candles are so fragrant.

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