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NEST Moss & Mint Candle and Diffuser Review

NEST Moss and Mint review

NEST Moss and Mint reminds me of Persian food and that’s one of the many reasons that I love it. It’s like mint tea, greens and floral waters. It’s a beautiful scent for the home or body. And it’s one of my favorites for the summer.

The fragrance is so refreshing. It’s very “green” with herbal and cooling mint and little dainty “forest floor” florals. Should I call those floorals? 😉 It smells fresh and it really is perfect for the home (and the body, hint, hint NEST, I’d love a perfume in this). I love this scent on stuffy, humid summer days. Best summer home fragrance ever. It cuts through the muggy 🙂

Like all NEST candles, Moss and Mint has amazing sillage. A small candle can scent my entire downstairs for days. It burns evenly, slowly and smoothly. My husband was burning a small candle in the house. It was a warm summer day, the windows were open. I went outside for a sec, ran into my neighbor and he asked me what was that “intoxicating” scent coming from my home. Um, it was NEST Moss and Mint and now he buys it. Seriously, this candle has some mega throw.

The candle is wonderful, but the diffuser is awesome. It’s the only diffuser that I have ever had that actually scents my house. Do you want to know how much money I’ve wasted on diffusers? I’d rather not share that info because sometimes my husband reads this blog. Anyways, I have one upstairs and my entire upstairs is scented with Moss and Mint. It’s still going strong after a few months. It’s life expectancy is only 3 months! Honestly, I’ve forgotten about this diffuser. I had guests last week from out of town and they stayed with us. They went nuts over the Moss & Mint fragrance! They went sniffing through my house trying to find what was emitting this pleasing aroma. They found it, a small diffuser. Hmmm…I know what gift to give them in the future. The glass matches NEST candles and really goes with any decor. And boy, does this diffuser throw. I highly recommend it for anyone that prefers diffusers over candles.

Notes listed include garden mint, apple blossom, muguet, oakmoss, and vetiver.

The scent is refreshing and light, like I said, a beautified version of Persian food. I think you’ll like this scent if you like fragrances like Cire Trudon Dada, Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint, and/or Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca. You’ll like this scent if you like fresh “green” fragrances.

The 3-month diffuser retails for $34. A few sizes of candles are avaialble. The votive retails for $14. NEST Moss & Mint is available at Candles Off Main. There is also a soap and a hand soap coming soon. I bet those are just as wonderful.

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*Disclaimer – Products were provided by NEST for review. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “NEST Moss & Mint Candle and Diffuser Review

  1. This scent is sooooo fresh. We tried the candle and loved it. I was surprised how fresh it was based on the name. I was expecting more of an earthy feel from the “Moss”, but even the cold throw lets you know this is not a grounding scent. The moss in this is more the bright, spungy, moist, super green moss you find in a terrarium. I haven’t tried the diffuser at home yet, but knowing Nest, I’m sure it’s as uber fragrant as you described.

    1. I was like you. I thought this would be an earthy herbal fragrance. But, instead it is bright, optimistic and GREEN!

      It’s been warm the past week and my home has no a/c. Now even I notice the Moss & Mint diffuser. It has blossomed and makes my stuffy house smell so fresh and clean.

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