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NEST Grapefruit Candle Review

NEST Grapefruit Candle Review

OK, I did not expect to love a grapefruit candle. And I definitely didn’t expect to love it so much. I usually don’t like citrus fragrances for the home or the body. Most citrus scents are too household cleaner for me. But, NEST Grapefruit has won me over. This is a sparkling fragrance that is optimistic and perfect for the home.

I was scared of the notes listed. Like I said, I’m not a citrus person and  the thought of “watery green nuances” makes me cringe. NEST Grapefruit is a pretty citrus with just enough tartness. It isn’t too sour; it does smell “pink”. Grapefruit isn’t all pink grapefruit. It has a perfectly balanced amount of green spring florals. The end result is that Grapefruit comes across as optimistic but not obnoxious. It’s a pretty home fragrance that is inviting. It’s the kind of candle that I would burn when friends come over. It isn’t a “serious” fragrance. It’s hanging out, celeb gossiping, and drinking margaritas.

This candle burns evenly and slowly. The throw is awesome. I have the votive. I burned it for about 4 hours. An entire floor of my house was fragranced with the cheery scent of Grapefruit. The next day, almost 20 hours after burning the candle, I get off work, walk inside and smell Grapefruit. If panicked because I thought somehow I had let it burn while I was at work. That is absurd, but I’m paranoid like that. I rushed to the candle which looks like it has only been burned for a few hours. Wheew. I’m not a dope, this is just one fragrant votive!

Notes listed include pink pomelo grapefruit, watery green nuances, lily of the valley, and coriander blossom.

There are many sizes of Grapefruit. I have the votive that retails for only $14 at Candles Off Main. It’s a good sized candle for that price. This is the perfect little gift. I think everyone loves this scent.

*Disclaimer – Product was provided by Nest for review. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “NEST Grapefruit Candle Review

  1. I love Nest Grapefruit! Such a fresh and cheery blend. For me it’s a great balance between citrus and floral. Nest candles do pack a powerful punch. I had the same experience where I could still smell my Nest candle the next day when I returned home from work. Crazy fragrant! And they burn so beautifully. I’m anxious to try the diffuser and soap.

    1. Usually I don’t like cheery fragrances but this one is well done and isn’t “Pollyanna” at all.
      I seriously freaked when I came home and still smelled this candle. That’s some power! And yes, they do burn very evenly and smoothly.
      There’s a soap?!

  2. Optimistic is an interesting adjective and this is a scent I wouldn’t gravitate towards. After reading your review, however, I’m picturing a sun-filled living room made brighter by the optimistic presence of Nest’s Grapefruit candle.
    Barney A Bishop recently posted..Wordless Wednesdays

    1. I usually go for broody, moody fragrances for myself and for the home, but there’s something that I really appreciate about Grapefruit. It’s optimistic without being obnoxious, like so many citrus fragrances are.
      Living in the PNW, I need to learn to enjoy the “sunshine” when I get it!

    1. It isn’t usually my type either. I usually like sweet (vanilla) or woodsy, but something about this one is really good. It’s citrus without smelling like a household cleaner!

  3. I am 100% in love with the Nest Grapefruit candle! I received it as a gift and I’m absolutely sold. We have a Christimas one too and it even fills the room when it’s not lit. For me, $35 for a candle is a little pricey (Pier 1 is only about $10), so I’m on the hunt for a candle with the ability to freshen a whole floor, but for a lesser price. If you’ve come upon any let me know! Otherwise I’m going to keep splurging on Nest…

    1. Oh, I wish I could come up with a dupe, but so far I haven’t found one like it!

      I don’t think all “luxury” candles are worth the price but I love Nest. Like you said, you can smell them when they aren’t even burning!

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