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NEST Fragrances Orchid Rain Candle for Jason Wu Review

I can talk about most scents and I can describe most scents but NEST Fragrances Orchid Rain for Jason Wu has been a difficult one for me. All I want to say is that it’s perfect. The end.

NEST Jason Wu Orchid Rain candle

With the name Orchid Rain and from the note list, I expected something dewy and fruity with a hint of pink pepper spice. Honestly, I expected something I’ve smelled before. That’s the problem with expectations. You have to experience things.

The orchid in Orchid Rain is leathery to me, not animalic but leathery in texture. The scent has a watery greenness from a noticeable pear over warm flakes of coconut. This results in a suede like feel. The name is Orchid Rain but I don’t get too much ozone or dewiness (like in NEST Blue Garden for example). There’s merely a “hint” of freshness but that’s not what is underneath. Let this candle burn and you’ll notice that the fresh pear mellows and that with heat it, will become lush, warm, something skin-like, something fleshy. Orchid Rain is surprisingly a sensual fragrance. I don’t want to get all Women’s Studies on you but this scent is fertile…I mean look at that note list – orchids, pears, pomegranates. See? This is a sensual scent.

And then I remember that Christophe Laudamiel is the perfumer for this fragrance. And he has made some of the most sensual fragrances that I’ve ever worn like Tom Ford Amber Absolute and Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude. Not forced sensual, but warm, enveloping scents. He did the same thing with this home fragrance. It’s a subtle sensual fragrance.

Notes listed include orchid, nashi pear, goji berry, pomegranate, pink pepper and coconut.

Now the vessel is stunning. It’s gorgeous. It’s perfect. It’s a flat off white ceramic with black and white orchids, a print seen from Wu’s Spring 2012 Collection. It will be something I keep after the wax is gone. I feel most people will buy this for the vessel (and for Jason Wu) and then they’ll have their world rocked by the fragrance. Seriously, the packaging is so wonderful with this candle, that I expected the scent to be sub par because NEST could sell this candle at this price for the packaging alone. But, this is NEST and they do care about fragrance. This candle is the total package.

Dorothy Sebastian

Because every detail is wonderful, the scent is amazing and it has the same stunning throw of NEST candles, I just may say that this is the best luxury candle of 2012. Yes, it’s only May, I could change my mind. But, right now this is the best luxury candle of 2012. No detail has been left out. Even the box it comes in is a stunner. I’m going to say it, it’s a masterpiece. The end.

NEST Orchid Rain for Jason Wu retails for $48 and is available at Candles Off Main. I purchased a back-up of this candle. My husband ended up with it on his desk. I need to purchase a back-up of the back-up.

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by NEST. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Bergdorf Goodman blog. Dorothy Sebastian pic from www.fanpix.net

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