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NEST Fragrances Bamboo Candle Review

Nest Bamboo Candle


I haven’t reviewed a NEST candle in a long time. In fact, Bamboo is one of my favorites and I could have sworn that I already have on EauMG, but I haven’t. So, here you go…

Bamboo is a fresh, lush floral. It’s wet greens and cool, dewy florals. It’s like lemon-hue lilies with wet green leaves. It’s cool, watery greens and luscious flowers.

I say this over and over but NEST really does amazing things with florals. Peony Blanche made me fall for peony. Blue Garden is one of my favorite home fragrances. And Bamboo is another one of those scents that I keep going back to. It’s absolutely perfect for the sort of hot weather when everything gets dry and crunchy. It’s like being in your own private garden, complete with glorious water fountains. It’s also perfect for the dead of winter as it is for the dead of summer. It’s just one of those home scents that I could smell year-round.

Notes listed include white florals, sparkling citrus and fresh green accords. 

You may like Bamboo if you like fresh scents like Botanicus Blue Bamboo, Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius, Roget & Gallet Bambou, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and/or Thymes Aqua Coralline.

Like every other NEST candle that I’ve owned, this one burns evenly and has amazing throw.

Bamboo comes in a few sizes. The Classic Candle retails for $38 at Nordstrom and Candles Off Main.


*Disclaimer – Product provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Nordstrom is an affiliate link. Thanks!


13 thoughts on “NEST Fragrances Bamboo Candle Review

  1. I have Nest’s wasabi pear and I quite like it. It has a clean, fresh scent but sadly is lacking in the wasabi part. I’m not sure what I expected, maybe a bit of spiciness? So I was a bit disappointed at first but now I really enjoy it. Just a pleasant scent. I also really like Tocca’s Rodolfo candle. 1. It’s named after Rudy Valentino. Swoon. 2. Smells strongly of tuberose.

    1. I had a votive of Wasabi Pear too and I don’t know what I expected. It was mainly a “watery” pear to me. I wanted a bit more spiciness. But, it’s a good home scent. Speaking of…DSH Perfumes has a scent “Wasabi Shiso” that is interesting if you are looking for wasabi. I wish it were a candle! It’s like “green, spicy, fresh”.

      Oh, I want that. I want a Rudy Valentino candle that smells like tuberoses.

      1. Ooh! Thanks for the rec! I have a D SH order arriving today and depending on how I like the samples I may place another order. Today I have bottles of her tubereuse (i love tuberose, can you tell?), sweet gardenia, and Jitterbug arriving. I’m taking this summer sale for all its worth!

        1. How did I forget about the Summer Sale???? I got the email. The problem is that my DSH list is always rather long. She has an aesthetic that I really enjoy.

          I remember the first time I had tried Tubereuse, it was many years ago when I was “new” to indie. I couldn’t believe that a tuberose perfume could smell so amazing. I thought it was a note I hated because I had only experienced it in really HUGE 80’s perfumes. Tubereuse actually blew my mind.

      2. Speaking of DSH, I was wondering if you have tried euphorisme d’opium and/or poivre? Both sound wonderful! I’m thinking cimabue is my next purchase but it’s a bit difficult since everything smells so good!

        1. Cimabue is one of my favorites. It may be my favorite DSH Perfume.

          I’ve tried those two. They are very good, especially recommend them if you like spicy oriental scents. Euphorisme d’Opium is like a vintage-ish Opium. Poivre is like a super spicy carnation.

          She has a new carnation out too. I haven’t tried it yet but I have a sample. I don’t know how it compares to Poivre.

          1. I ended up buying cimabue and 1,000 lilies (susinon) because if cleopatra is mentioned, I’m going to buy it! I was so tempted to blind buy euphorismed’opium but I figured samples would be a safer bet. My package arrives later this week and I cannot wait!

          2. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 1000 Lilies is a big ‘ole lily but I love it. In fact, maybe I should order a small bottle. I’ve been on a really big lily kick lately (wearing stuff like Donna Karan Gold and TF Shanghai Lily).

      1. I sniffed it yesterday at NYNOW (a gift show that has a ton of candles). It’s amazing! It seriously made my list of “next purchases”.

  2. I really love the Nest Bamboo candle. I was a little surprised at how floral it was given the name. Maybe it’s me, but none of the fragrances with bamboo in the name smell like I imagine. I sampled Gucci’s Bamboo and was reallly disappointed. It was just sort of a basic/generically pleasant designer fragrance.

    1. It is more floral than I expected too. But, it works.

      I agree. “Bamboo” fragrances aren’t what I expect them to be. I haven’t tried Gucci Bamboo (figured it would let me down too). Really the only one that is like bamboo-y to me is the one I tried recently Zoologist Panda. It’s like being in a garden of bamboo (or a garden lined with bamboo). Seriously, it’s like the only “non-generic” bamboo perfume that I’ve tried.

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