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NEST Black Fig & Honey Candle Review

NEST Black Fig & Honey

NEST Black Fig & Honey is a dessert fig scent. It’s like dried figs drizzeled with sticky honey. It’s sweet and delicious. I do get a rich, boozy vanilla. This fig isn’t fresh or overly green. It isn’t too fruity either. It smells like a “dark” fig soaked in honey with a teeny bit of wood. The honey gives a slight muskiness which works so well with the vanilla. The cognac emphasizes the dried fig quality, adding a boozey, sweet raisin note. Yum.

Black Fig & Honey is sweet and comforting. I like it for any room/space. But, you guys already know that I love fig, so maybe I’m partial. However, I mainly get vanilla and honey from this candle. I could use more fig, but I’m a fig fanatic. I see this as a fragrance for a crisp autumn night, when the last of the figs are being harvested.

I’m happy with the throw of this fragrance. A small candle scents the entire room. The candle burns evenly and slowly.

Notes listed include black fig, honey, cognac, and Madagascar vanilla.

I think one would like the scent of this candle if they like scents like B&BW Brown Sugar & Fig, La Compagnie de Provence, and/or Illume Vanilla Fig. Think sweet fig instead of green, fresh fig.

This candle retails for $32 and is available at Candles Off Main. (Update – this fragrance has been discontinued).

*Disclaimer – A votive of this candle was provided by NEST. I am not financially responsible for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Neiman Marcus.

9 thoughts on “NEST Black Fig & Honey Candle Review

  1. I love your description as being boozy! I agree it’s far more honey than fig, but I do like the angle that they took on the fig as well (not too green or sweet) and I love the vanilla and cognac accents. I, too, would love a little more fig. This candle would layer nicely with Voluspa Figue de Bordeaux to offer more fig fragrance.

    1. You’re so good at layering candles. That sounds like a good combo.
      I do like this one despite being “figgy”. It’s delicious and sweet without being sickly sweet like most honey candles are. The cognac is really good in this.

    1. I think they are worth it. Last night I burned the Grapefruit and it filled the entire lower part of the house. I came home today and smelled it as soon as I opened the door.

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