Neil Morris Fragrances Storm EDP Perfume Review

Neil Morris Storm

Everyone that doesn’t live in Seattle thinks it rains all of the time here. They’re thoughts are only partially correct. We have a wet and a dry season, but it doesn’t rain all of the time. It just depends on when you visit. Yes, I get sick of the rain because it’s the “same” rain. We rarely ever get fun things like thunderstorms. And we rarely get rain in the summer. Neil Morris Storm is a fragrance inspired by summer thunderstorms. I didn’t realize how much I missed a good ‘ole summer thunderstorm until I went back to Nashville last week and experienced one for the first time in years.

Storm opens as a minty hyacinth with nondescript fruits. The heart is a spicy but powdery floral that reminds me of carnations. There’s a hint of mineral ozone that adds a humidity. The dry-down is a Jovan Musk-ish musk with dry dirt. It eventually becomes warm musk and tonka.

Storm is unisex but I like to think of it as a hyacinth fragrance for masculines. It’s floral but not too floral. It’s mainly a musk fragrance with some dewy floral lift. Does it smell like a thunderstorm? No. It needs more dirt…and pavement. But, it does smell warm and humid.

Peggy Shannon

Notes listed include papaya, lime, delphinium, hyacinth, tonka bean, golden musk, earth and marine notes. Launch date 2007.

Give Storm a try if you like musky florals. Or perfumes like aroma M Geisha Blanche, Jovan Musk, Illuminum White Datura and/or original Avon SSS. Like I said before, it’s unisex.

Storm has average projection and longevity. Most of the wear is the warm musks.

The 2 oz bottle retails for $90 at Neil Morris Fragrances. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMusky floral. Like I said, this makes a great masculine floral because of the musk and earthy notes.

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