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Nature’s Gate Organics Lavender Aloe Body Lotion & Hair Care Review

Natutre's Gate Organics Lavender and Aloe Review

Nature’s Gate Organics is a natural skincare line with certified organic essences grown by a family owned farm in Northern California. I like the thought of that. Sometimes I wish I was a lavender farmer. OK, maybe living on a lavender farm ūüôā The line uses natural ingredients. All Nature’s Gate products are cruelty-free and vegan certified. Bottles are made from recycled materials.

All of the items reviewed have the same scent/product line: Lavender & Aloe. The scent is a clean, cool camphoric lavender. Think the kind of lavender than leans slightly¬† towards the medicinal side. I like the fragrance. It isn’t “wussified” with additions of notes like vanilla (I do like the “wussified” sometimes). This is a cool, clean lavender. In fact, it is so clean and cool that some cultures may be reminded of home cleaning products. The scent is fresh and unisex. I love lavender and I think the Nature’s Organic line smells like lavender, very soothing and the perfect “neutral”. If you dislike the scent of lavender then don’t use these products. If you hate the scent of¬†lavender¬†why are you reading this review? ūüôā

Lavender & Aloe Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner: My hair: short, thick, naturally straight, fairly healthy/normal (minimal use of heat). I use a semi-perm dye for shine, styling products, and hair spray. I wash daily and use conditioner every other day. My hair philosophy is to keep it simple. Now to Nature’s Gate Organics shampoo and conditioner…This line of hair care is formulated for normal to dry hair. The shampoo is a clear formula. For a natural, organic product it has a wonderful lather. I felt it adequately removed oils and hair products (like hair spray, smoothing creams). The shampoo rinsed out easily. The conditioner is light-weight and combs through the hair easily. It is recommended that you leave the conditioner on for 1-3 minutes. I left it on for 3 and it rinsed out easily. My hair was easier to comb. My hair was left with a faint scent of lavender, which actually is a really nice smell for hair. When I tried this, I did not use any of my usual hair care products (Aveda and Abba). My straight hair was¬†surprisingly¬†smooth on a rainy Western Washington day and I didn’t use any other products! When I ¬†used this and paired it with my usual styling creams, my hair was left super smooth and frizz-free. So, Nature’s Gate Organics Lavender & Aloe Shampoo and¬†Conditioner¬†works for me. I’ve been using for weeks and I’ve fallen in love with it. My hair looks amazingly shiny and it feels amazing. I’m way overdue for a haircut and this natural combo has really smoothed my ends and there’s no build-up.¬†My disclaimer: Hair care is even more difficult to recommend than skincare! I¬†know¬†somebody has hair like mine, but most people don’t.

Lavender & Aloe Body Lotion with Vitamin E: Nature’s Gate¬†recommends¬†this lotion for all skin types. This lotion is very light-weight and comes in a pump bottle. It smooths easily and¬†absorbs¬†quickly. You can quickly dress after applying this lotion. If you hate the feel of “heavy” lotion on your skin, then you should like this Nature’s Gate formula. It leaves my skin moisturized without being sticky or greasy. I do not recommend this lotion for very dry skin. It will not provide enough moisture. If you have normal skin or skin that is dry in areas (such as elbows, knees), you can use this lotion. I do not see this being “heavy” enough for me in the dead of winter. I moisturize twice daily. I see myself using this in the morning and a heavier cream/oil at night. The fragrance lingers on my skin for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. This lotion is nice for layering fragrance. It adds a “coolness” to any fragrance. Fragrances that I like to layer with Nature’s Organics Lavender & Aloe include: Guerlain Sous Le Vent¬†and Jicky, ¬†Sarah Jessica Parker¬†(not something I wear very much but like much more when layered with this lotion), Clarins Eau Dynamisante ¬†and Bond No 9 New Haarlem. Really this neutral lavender fragrance works with so many fragrances, especially with creamy vanillas and herbaceous splashes.

The shampoo and conditioner retail for about $8 each. The body lotion retails for about $10. This line is available at Nature’s Gate.

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*Disclaimer: These products were provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

12 thoughts on “Nature’s Gate Organics Lavender Aloe Body Lotion & Hair Care Review

  1. Yes this is the one great advantage of organic hair products that it is prepared of some very essential elements like flower extracts, organic Aloe, herbal extracts, plant extracts and Hypo-allergenic substances.

  2. I’ve had good luck with Natures Gate hair care products. I haven’t tried the lavender yet. I have tried the chamomile one for dry hair and really like it. I love products that have a natural fragrance.

    1. The more I use this line of haircare, the more I like it. I’m in the sulfate free haircare club now. I like the fragrances of the Natures Gate hair products too. They smell very nice for hair.

  3. This did nothing for my hair when I tried it a year or so ago. But, I have curly hair that is on the dry side. I liked the conditioner but I couldn’t easily rinse out the shampoo ūüôĀ

    1. Haircare is so difficult to review. Like I said, it seems everyone’s hair is different. I have the opposite hair than yours. Mine is super straight. I’d be so happy if it had or could hold some curl! I’m sorry that this didn’t work out for you. I hate being “burnt” on product!

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