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Narciso Rodriguez perfume

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In the world of perfumery, the word “synthetic” may have negative connotations since marketing has clouded quality with words like “natural” to justify high prices for products. “Synthetic” is often used to describe “cheap” headache inducing perfumes in a world where if you utter the word “chemical” you’ll incite hysteria. However, synthetic shouldn’t always be viewed with an unfavorable mindset. Synthetics in perfumery can create an abstract beauty that makes realism appear pedestrian.

The appeal of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes is that they are synthetic. They’re abstract. They’re modern, feminine fragrances with a haunting, memorable presence. I’m attracted to the Narciso Rodriguez aesthetic in both perfumery and fashion. The fashion brand is minimal, relying on simple color palettes to emphasize drapery and geometry. The perfumes are stripped down to what is almost an olfactory feeling. The perfume’s notes are all bundled together into some abstract mass instead of a perfume. The perfumes rely heavily on synthetic musks that cling to the skin like a silky slip dress.

NARCISO opens with powder and the sort of white florals that come across almost like hairspray. There’s a cool, icy aspect of Narciso that is both off-putting and attractive. When the coolness from the metallic aldehydes settle, what’s left is a powdery, indolic fantasy white floral with a hint of effervescent grape soda and rose/violet scented lipstick. There’s a cedar that smells like pencil shavings but as soon as I identify it, it gets lost in this milky white orb of notes. The heart is an abstract, milky floral that is smooth as silk. Like the other Narciso Rodriguez perfumes, Narciso is not shy with the musks. It’s a warm, powdery musk that’s clean but not at all laundry-ish. The base is less skanky than other Narciso musks because there’s an addition of woods soaked in vanilla. The fragrance starts out booming but becomes more quiet with wear.

The overall feel of Narciso is that it’s an abstract milky, lactonic white floral supported by powdery musks. It’s an abstract beauty that eulogizes the paragon of synthetics. My only real issue with Narciso is that it feels too perfected. But, this is also the only reason I wear it. If you like perfumes that you can’t dissect, then you should enjoy the aura of Narciso.

Lee Miller

Notes listed include gardenia, rose, musk, vetiver and cedar. Launched in 2014. PERFUMER – Aurélien Guichard

Give NARCISO a try if you like powdery florals or abstract musks. Or if you like any of the other Narciso Rodriguez perfumes, Guerlain Idylle or white musk perfumes. In comparison to the original Narciso Rodriguez, I find NARCISO to be more floral and more milky.

Projection is above average (sillage, baby!) and longevity is average.

NARCISO comes in 2 sizes with prices ranging from $97 – $115 at Nordstrom and Sephora.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONAbstract milky white floral and powdery musks. This brand’s perfumes are arguably more popular than the brand’s ready-to-wear designs. By now, I’m sure you already know if like Narciso Rodriguez perfumes or not. I’m one of those people that loves the abstract aesthetic of these perfumes. NARCISO actually exceeded my expectations. Wearing this one is like falling back into a fluffy, silk-covered cloud fantasy. It’s not something I wear that often but when I’m in the mood for powdery and pretty (or “sci-fi magnolia”), I wear this.

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  1. I received a sample of this with a recent order from Nordstrom. I went totally crazy over it and have been thinking about purchasing a bottle. In the meantime I started and finished another sample, Valentina, and now I’m torn. I feel like I would just be playing it safe with Valentina when Narciso is such more interesting.

    1. I was surprised by how much I liked Valentina. I didn’t think I’d like it but it’s so pretty. I agree with you that it is probably the “safer choice”.

      You really can’t go wrong with either one!

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