Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT Délicate Perfume Review

Narciso Rodriguez Delicate EDT perfume

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular (Limited Edition) Perfume:

For summer Narciso Rodriguez has launched Délicate, an eau de toilette “skin scent” and a Délicate EDP that contains oud. Both are limited edition.

Narciso Rodriguez Délicate opens as the same citrus floral you love from the original Narciso Rodriguez EDT. What is different? I get a milky yet green fig. There’s a spicy orange blossom that you recognize from the original EDT. And there’s the overdose of musk that you would expect from this line. The heart has orange blossom, musk and the “skank” of ripe black currants in the sun. The base is musky, toasted and sweet. It reminds me of toasted almonds, amber and “vanilla musk” with woods.

I really like this fragrance. This shouldn’t surprise you since you know I have a love of fig in fragrance. If you own the original Narciso Rodriguez in either the EDT or EDP format, you don’t really need this one. Unless you really like fig or would like something slighlty different (for example, NR EDP is your “signature” scent). I’ve always liked the NR for Her EDP but found it too heavy (read that as too sexy) for daily wear. I’m wearing the Délicate version; it’s not wearing me. (But, it’s still sexy.)

Marilyn Maxwell

Notes listed include bergamot, fig, musk, osmanthus, orange blossom, vetiver, amber, coriander, and vanilla. PERFUMER – Aurelien Guichard

Give Narciso Rodriguez for Her Délicate a try if you like perfumes like the original Narciso Rodriguez perfumes, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Forte, Amouage Dia Woman, and/or Gucci for Women.

This scent is meant to be light. In the summer, I find it has average projection and longevity for an EDT. I get over 8 hours of wear.  However, many people find the longevity of this one sub par in comparison to the original EDT.

This limited edition also has a “opalescent shimmer”. I have not noticed this on my skin. But, glitter sweats through my pores so how would I ever notice?

The 4.2 oz limited edition bottle retails for $102 and is available at Nordstrom.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONThe musky orange blossom one would expect from a Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT with the addition of summer fig and fruits. It’s a nice change and something one can easily wear from summer to winter.

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6 thoughts on “Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT Délicate Perfume Review

  1. LOL at glitter sweats through my pores. If this has sub par longevity to the first I won’t even bother to try it. I tried the original a few times and just can’t smell it on myself. At all!

    1. Glitter seriously does. I always find random glitter flakes on me throughout the day. It’s the only explanation I have.
      It’s all those musks in this. I would make a bet that you’re anosmic to them. I find that really common with this fragrance. But, what’s the point of wearing something if you can’t smell it? I’m from the school that you wear stuff that you love to smell.

  2. I am going to have to try this. I used to love NR, but got a bit bored with it, and my husband doesn’t like it. Perhaps this could be a new option. Thanks for the review!

    1. When I first tried NR years ago, I didn’t like it. It has since grown on me for some reason. I mean, I used to hate it. It’s funny how that works. Maybe your husband will have a change of heart?
      I’ve worn this one a lot this summer on the milder days.

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