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Naked Princess Vanille Blanc Body Souffle Review

Naked Princess Vanille Blanc

Naked Princess is a luxury lingerie and lounge wear line located in California. I’d love to own one of their feminine, tasteful items one day (I’m rather partial to anything cashmere and lace). And I like their color palette. Like all good lingerie lines, Naked Princess has a body product and fragrance line fit for the boudoir.

Vanille Blanc contains notes of Moroccan vanilla, sweet almond and tonka bean. This scent is in a rich body crème base of olive, jojoba, and rice oils and shea butter.

The Scent: Vanille Blanc is a soft balsamic vanilla with a hint of floral. Floral notes aren’t listed but I get something that reminds me of orchid. It’s a feminine smelling vanilla that isn’t overly sweet. The fragrance works with the brand’s aesthetic. It’s a “comfortable” fragrance that isn’t slouchy. It smells like a cashmere and lace robe 😉

The Formula: It’s a lightweight cream that smooths effortlessly onto the skin. The formula isn’t greasy or sticky.

This scent also comes in a boudoir spray and candle. A 5.6 oz jar retails for $55 at Naked Princess.

*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Naked Princess. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Naked Princess.