Mugler Angel Eau Croisiere Perfume Review

Angel Eau Croisiere perfume review

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I’m not going to get into all of my weird phobias, but I will say this, a cruise is my personal version of hell. I’m not judging anyone that enjoys them. I’m just saying that I have issues and it’s like a cruise combines all of my phobias and has the audacity of charging me money for it.

The newest limited edition summer Mugler Angel flanker is “cruise water”. Angel Eau Croisière is a perfume inspired by what I consider my own personal nightmare.

Angel Eau Croisiere is incredibly trashy and because of that I love it so much. It opens with mango/currant jam and marmalade. It’s a blast of tropical fruits. Underneath all of this is the sweet patchouli-praline that is in Angel Muse. Because of this, I don’t think of Eau Croisiere as a tropical, summer flanker to the original Angel but instead the tropical, summer flanker to Angel‘s flanker, Angel Muse. Anyway, let me go back to this juicy, delicious opening. I am so into this mango jam opening that smells like sunshine…and little paper umbrellas sticking out of frozen cocktails. This opening is a tiki cocktail of mango, rum and pineapple Dole Whip. Underneath is what you’d expect from the Angel franchise. It’s the patchouli in Angel with the praline in Angel Muse. But, it’s all dialed down for summer wear, plus there’s a nutty, dry vetiver that makes me think of sea grass. I don’t find it as sweet as the summer Angel flankers of years past, but it’s sweet…in a fruity way instead of a cupcake way.

Angel Eau Croisière is not an intellectual fragrance and that’s one of the reasons I love it. It markets itself as an escape, as lounging around a pool drinking sickly sweet fruity cocktails. And that’s exactly what Eau Croisière is. It’s alcohol mixed in fruit juice. It’s knock-off Pucci print sundress that you wish you could wear more but it just looks silly in the city. It’s lounging by a pool reading whatever was on The New York Times’ Best-Sellers list from five years ago. Because of this, I love it.

Elsa Hosk Guess 2011

Notes listed include mango, grapefruit, black currant sorbet, patchouli and praline. Launched in 2019. PERFUMER – Sidonie Lancesseur

Give Angel Eau Croisiere a try if you like the thought of Angel and tropical fruits. Or perfumes like Escada Miami Blossom (or any of the limited edition “summer” Escada perfumes), Beyonce Heat Rush, The Body Shop Mango and/or The House of Oud Keep Glazed. If you have liked limited edition summer Angel perfumes in the past, you’ll probably like this one too.

Projection and longevity is more like an EDT (because it is an EDT). It’s not as loud as the original Angel. It is better formulated for wearing in hot, humid climates.

The 1.7 oz retails for $84 at Mugler.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Mango Angel Muse. I’m going to end up buying a bottle. Even I’m surprised by how much I like the fruits in this.

*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from the brand. Elsa Hosk for Guess 2011.