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Move On Lil' Doggies

So, my husband and I are moving to Washington next week. It’s going to take 36 hours of hard driving to get there. I don’t know where I am going to live and I don’t have a job yet. It still hasn’t really hit me yet, I just know that I am putting my stuff into boxes and researching the heck out of areas to live in the Seattle area. I’ve got to get into a pioneer mindset and just go for it. I hope I’ll like the place. If anyone has any suggestions of places to move to please let me know. I’m ghetto and from the South so I’m pretty sure I can take anything.  And I’ve got to move like a hundred bottles of perfume and I have no idea how to do this without a major blowout. Please comment on this.

I know I can make this trip if a bunch of people did it in a covered wagon before me.

french bulldog

These Frenchies are courtesy of Tahoma French bulldogs, the most beautiful babies on the world wide web. Hopefully, they will be my doggie neighbors.


2 thoughts on “Move On Lil' Doggies

  1. Hey, welcome to Seattle. Maxx, Jaxx, Gertie and Phoenix have asked me to tell you that the house next door is for sale. You could be tossing croissant scraps over the fence at them as you sip your morning coffee.

  2. I wish they would of told me that sooner:). I have settled in and currently there are no cute frenchies living next door and I am really disappointed. So, tell Maxx, Jaxx, Gertie and Phoenix that if they are like me, they don’t need the extra carbs anyway.

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