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More 1920’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Olive Ann Alcorn

A simple red lip is easy and always makes a lady look pulled together no matter the decade. This classic look works for many complexions. And I love Olive Ann’s “tucked”  bob with Marcel waves. Olive Ann had ridiculously long hair (that she often draped over her nude body while modeling) but in this pick she looks very 20’s flapper with the tucked hair and long strand of beads. A very glam look for this Phantom of the Opera star.

FACE: First, cover up imperfections with a creamy concealer such as Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Concealer if needed.  Apply a powder foundation such as Lancome Dual Finish Powder Foundation in your shade. Apply a very sheer pink blush lightly to cheeks. I like the neutral color of Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Blush in Santa Rose.

EYES: Brows are thin, filled in, and brushed into place. Groom brows into place with a spoolie and fill with a nice brow pencil like Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in your shade. Apply the powder foundation to lids to absorb oil and to even out the lid color. Take a warm brown shadow such as L’Oreal Wear Infinite Single Eyeshadow in Antique Brown and apply from lash line to up past the crease. Blend well. Take a darker brown such as Urban Decay Matte Intense Eyeshadow in Secret Service and blend like a rainbow from corner to corner of eye. Blend well. Take a little bit of face powder/powder foundation and blend under arch of brow. Take the same shade of UD Matte Eyeshadow and line bottom lashes for a smoky look. Curl lashes and apply black mascara like Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara to top and bottom lashes.

LIPS: Lips this bold and matte should be in a good healthy condition. I recommend exfoliating lips a few hours before/night before and laying on a balm thickly. For this look I recommend NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Forbidden Red. I love this product because I like the look of the matte formula. Plus, you don’t need a liner and it is long-wearing. I love the ease of these pencil lipsticks.

Get the 1920's Makeup Look of Olive Ann Alcorn

Now to a fragrance to finish off this classic look. I know it’s cliche but I do want to top this look off with Guerlain Shalimar EDP. It really is a pretty fragrance and who doesn’t want a bottle setting on their dresser? Vintage glam.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Tomorrow is my 6 year wedding anniversary 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be a great weekend for me. I have a lovely 1940’s silk cherry blossom print dress that fits like a glove to wear on our anniversary date.

UPDATE: Post is old so a lot of these are no longer available. But, you get the idea.

5 thoughts on “More 1920’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Olive Ann Alcorn

    1. You are so right. Shalimar is a classic for a reason. It deserves to be. It wears wonderfully on my skin.
      Thanks! I’ll have to wear a gardenia fragrance for my husband. Obnoxious white florals are his olfactory weakness! 🙂

  1. Gorgeous photo, and in color! I love this look. Thank you for the detailed information. I have wondered about the long hair/tucked bob – and the matte red on the mouth is I think key as you have said. Lovely!

    1. This summer I had my hair cut off. A friend from the East Coast emails me a pic of her “bob”. It was just her long, curly hair “tucked” under. It was so 30’s looking. If I only I knew I could of went from Gibson Girl to flapper with just a few pins. Ughh.

  2. Hi
    Itz really gorgeous photo!!
    Im wondering if we can use this photo on our post card. I dont want to use this original photo but I will do some photoshop. we are running jewelry business.
    Thank You

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