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Montale Black Aoud EDP Perfume Video Review

Montale Black Aoud is another rose oud fragrance going for that exotic harem image. Excuse me, but isn’t that the entire point of Montale?  I do like it even though it’s less heavy on the woods. Black Aoud should of been named Black Rose. Regardless, it’s “noir” and I like it.

Montale Black Aoud

Black Aoud wears very rose on me. It reminds me of many of the unlabeled rose oils that I have from Persian markets except with a little bit of leather. Black Aoud becomes a classic lemon-rose with a hint of garden greenness. Black Aoud’s middle stages are pretty, proper rose with a blast of camphoric, medicinal oud. This mixes with some leatheriness. And then I get incense, a powdered incense. The dry-down, seriously like after 13 hours of wear, is soft woods and powdered incense. You’ll either love or hate this fragrance.

By Kilian Rose Oud wears much more jammy and more gourmand that Black Aoud. So, Rose Oud has more of richness, almost gummy. Black Aoud is “powdery” to me, not sticky. It wears lighter on me. Black Aoud is like a talc while Rose Oud is like an oil.

Julanne Johnston

Give Montale Black Aoud a try if you like woodsy rose fragrances or scents like Kilian Rose Oud, Juliette Has A Gun Midnight Oud, and all of the other Montale Aouds. Black Aoud is easily unisex. Even though it has rose, it seems to lean more towards the masculine end of the spectrum. No doubt about it, Black Aoud is dark and has depth.

Notes listed include red rose, aoud, labdanum, and sandalwood.

The 1.7 oz bottle retails for $120 on Amazon.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA “noir” rose with camphoric oud and incense. Think more rose than oud.  It’s good, long-wearing stuff with max sillage. But, I’m going to spend more time with the Montale Aouds before diving into purchasing a bottle. Many of the Montale Aouds are very, very similar.

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*Julanne Johnston in a turban from Sample bought from Luckyscent by my husband. He’s determined to find me the “perfect” rose perfume. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Montale Black Aoud EDP Perfume Video Review

    1. I can see how you get plastic. It’s that oud. Some people call in Band-Aid like in this perfume.
      I really, really need to try more Keiko Mecheri. Everything that I’ve sniffed smells really good. (I’ve only tried 2). I’m in a rose mood again and I should buy a sample of this. Thick, creamy rose…sounds right up my alley!

    1. I think the longevity of Montales is what makes them so special. I really like Black Aoud but I must be in the mood for it. Lately, I’ve been drawn to Red Aoud. I can’t explain why. I like Black Aoud because of the rose. The rose is very realistic.

  1. This was one of those perfumes that was so bad on my skin that after trying it two times I gave away my sample because I didn’t want ever to go through the experience again. It was plastic-y, unpleasant and lasting forever. I’m sure it’s my skin since there are many people who like it and there are other oudh perfumes that I like (though it’s definitely not my favorite note especially in combination with a rose).
    Undina recently posted..In the Search for the Perfect Fig

    1. I can see how this goes plastic-y on skin. I’ve smelled it on people before and it smelled like plastic roses. Once again, that’s why we test on our skin!
      I really like oud for its “weirdness” but I must be in the mood for it. Some “ouds” are easy to wear like JHaG Midnight Oud, M7 and the By Kilians. I’m not an oud expert. I wonder what makes the Montales so different than other oud perfumes. It’s obviously the type they use, but I wonder what the difference is.

  2. I agree that you have to be in the mood for this one, but I like it. It’s long-wearing it smells really exotic to me.

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