Montale Aoud Purple Rose EDP Perfume Review

Montale Aoud Purple Rose

Rose Week 2013

Well, here’s a Montale with “aoud” and “rose” in its name. Let’s see what it smells like!

Montale Aoud Purple Rose opens as “Montale”. It’s rose and tons of aoud. It’s the type of oud that some may call “bug spray”. I call it medicinal and antiseptic. The rose is sharp. Rose & oud. Rose & oud. Linear fragrance that gets quieter with time – a more jammy, fruity rose with woods. How does this one vary from all of the other Montale rose and oud perfumes? It lacks any fillers. It’s just a simple man in comparison to the rest…

I have noticed that Aoud Purple Rose smells much better from a distance. It really projects and from a distant it is a pretty woodsy rose. Up close it can be too “sharp”. My complaint with this fragrance is that it is redundant. It smells very much like 5 other perfumes in the Montale line. If you have Aoud Rose Queen or Aoud Roses Petals, you already own Aoud Purple Rose. Now if you don’t have those, then try Aoud Purple Rose as an intro to the Montale rose-oud style.

Notes listed include agarwood and taif rose. Launch date 2012.

Give Aoud Purple Rose a try if you want a strong rose-oud. Or if you like other rose Montales but those too sweet. Try it if you like The Body Shop Rose Oud or By Kilian Rose Oud. This Montale fragrance is completely unisex.

Aoud Purple Rose has above average projection and longevity. It’s a Montale. We expect this.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $160 at MiN NY. Sometimes you can find it on discount at Lily Direct. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRose and oud. Rose and oud. Rose and oud. Redundant if you own other Montale rose and ouds. But, it is in a purple can. If you’re a can collector, maybe you want this.

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