Mona di Orio Lux EDP Perfume Video Review

Want to smell like a fallen angel? Well, here you go.

Mona di Orio Lux perfume

Mona di Orio Lux is the skankiest citrus that I know of. It opens as a dazzling lemon with lemongrass and grassy vetiver. It’s bright and shining. This top lasts longer than I would expect from a citrus perfume. It then becomes this delicious lemon bar. Tart and sweet with vanilla and a toasted sugar, very comforting and very much like Guerlain Shalimar. Lux takes a “fall” and you get this civet skank with skanky-skank-skank musk. I mean, it’s actually dirty. And I find this surprising. This little lemon bar has become so EVIL! Love it.

Notes listed include lemon sicilia, litsea cubeba, petigrain bigarade, Hatian vetiver, Morrocan cedarwood, Mysore sandalwood, amber, bejoin de Siam, vanilla bourbon, and ciste.

As you probably already know, Mona di Orio is discontinuing Lux. I guess people didn’t want to smell like a lemon bar that has fallen into the dark underworld <insert EVIL laughter>. I wouldn’t tell you to go and buy a bottle unless you’ve been wanting a bottle for a long time. Here’s your last chance. But, if you do have a chance to try it, do. It’s a weird one.

*And yes, here’s a video review. We’ll see how these go. It’s going to make me brush up on video editing skills, etc. I needed a new “challenge”.

22 thoughts on “Mona di Orio Lux EDP Perfume Video Review

  1. It’s interesting: my impression of this perfume is really similar to yours – right up to this “skunky” part: I never got it. On my skin it stayed just warm and a little musky but that’s it.
    Congratulation on your first video-review. It is first, right?

    1. It’s a very good fragrance in my opinion. And I say it’s weird because it really does wear differently on different people. My skin amplifies the SKANK. It’s almost vulgar. I’ve smelled it on others and it is this glimmery citrus-then vanilla-and then a warm and cozy musk. I think if it works for you or if it doesn’t, it’s worth smelling.

      Yeah, it’s the first. Like I was telling Suzanne, it’s stressful. I’ve never liked videos of myself. I did radio in college and even then I hated hearing recordings of my voice!

  2. I love your review — and your video! You have great poise, Victoria, and also bring some humor to your review. Nice!

    A friend challenged me to do a fragrance review video, which I did but kept private; it was rather unnerving seeing myself talking onscreen, as it made me hyper-aware of all my flaws and quirks. But something about it was fun — it really was a challenge — so I’ve considered trying it again someday.

    Mona di Orio’s early perfumes really demonstrated her talented at pitting light elements against dark; the sweetly lilting against animalic gravity. I can’t believe they’re being discontinued!

    1. Seeing yourself on video is so stressful and makes me feel so vulnerable, etc. Like you said, you notice everything! And then you edit and hear your voice . It’s a challenge. I mainly want to learn some editing stuff and audio things. Not easy.

      Mona di Orio is so talented. It makes me sad that all of the “older” scents are going away. (Can you believe we say older when they are from ’06!). Things come and go all the time in the crazy world of perfume, but I really do feel these are a great loss.

  3. I love the video, good job V! I definitely do not want to smell like lemon bars and “butt” but… I loved hearing about it. Yay for weird and different perfumes!

    1. Oh, really? I thought everyone wants to smell like that, haha 🙂 I think of this as the gothiest or darkest citrus in the world.

    1. Thank you. I’m trying to get the audio to sound clearer. I hope to start posting these weekly or at least bi-weekly.

  4. You are amazing at video reviews, you come across SO much more like yourself, like the person I talk to on the phone- it’s RAD!! I really hope you do these regularly, this is your ticket to the big time, and I’m not kidding.

    1. The big time of being an even bigger fragronerd?

      I plan on doing/posting one a week, each Sat. I guess Sat. is a good day. It’s hard to get the “audio” but you know me, I’m comfortable shooting the bull about fragrance and I can’t shut up. Hello, 2 hour fragrance conversations! 🙂

  5. I’m crazy about the new Vanille– it’s so spicy-warm, lasts forever without being obnoxious, and it’s one of the few vanilla scents that doesn’t ook me out! I’mo start savin’ mah pennies now!

  6. My one-liner about this one on was “a warm lemon cookie straight from the oven of a filthy-rich trophy wife.” The vid reviews are good and you’re certain camera-friendly enough to do ’em! (I’ll stick to text.) On watching the Grey Vetiver one, I could hear my theater professor David Shelton saying, “Would it kill ya to smile a little?”

    1. And your one liner was dead on 😉 That was you? I read that and laughed because well, it’s dead on.

      I prefer text. Every theater experience that I have ever had was awful. Every professor would say something a long the lines of “smile a little bit more” or “no, you can’t play the leading male in this”. But, since vlogging is completely out of my comfort zone, I’ll keep trying. I like a challenge and maybe it will be gateway into a Mexican soap opera career, haha.

        1. Haha, thanks, ultimate compliment: drama. My Spanish may be good enough for a telanovela. You know, like the housekeeper or something.

          Actually, I want my break through career to be with infomercials. I’m wonderful at acting disgusted and I’m honestly wonderful at using products incorrectly and stupidly.

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