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Mistral Verbena Flower EDP Perfume Review

Mistral Verbena EDP Perfume Review

Mistral Verbena Flower (Fleurs de Verveine) perfume is a vibrant herbaceous citrus fragrance resembling lemon verbena. This is a light fragrance that is clean and refreshing for summer wear.

Unfortunately I am sampling Mistral Verbena in the chillier months. My house is cold; my feet are frozen. All I can think about is Busgrogg, cashmere, and incense-like fragrances. Mistral Verbena isn’t a fall or cooler weather fragrance at all. It’s a light, refreshing fragrance. I feel like if I sampled Verbena in late July, then I would of loved it. It’s citrus without being too dazzling because it is grounded by herbs. The fragrance reminds me of the leaves of a lemon verbena plant. This is beautiful but not what I want in the fall. So, here’s my review and I hope I remember to revisit this fragrance in the future. I also hope you remember to try it in the summer too!

Mistral Verbena Flower is refreshing and then some. It opens up with muddled mint. I then get a cocktail of spicy fresh ginger in lemon juice. Doesn’t this sound like an amazing beverage any time of the year? The ginger becomes spicier. How is this possible? It’s coming from the green cardamom that is lightly sprinkled on top of this lemon juice cocktail. This spicy lemon cocktail really does embody the feel of lemon verbena. It’s green and refreshing. I know that this tasty beverage is accented by a few springs of fresh-from-the-garden lemon verbena sprigs. The fragrance eventually gets a very faint floral note. The floral is distant. It’s more like you took your refreshing beverage and lounged in a chaise in a mostly green garden with a smattering of roses not in full-bloom yet. It’s a green and distant flower. The EDP is still mostly lemon verbena like, lots of fresh lemon juice too.

Mistral Verbena Flower is refreshing. It’s light-wearing and easy to wear. I love the muddled mint opening. It reminds me of summer (which I miss already!) The spiciness of fresh ginger and cardamom makes this is a special scent. This isn’t another citrus or summer lemon verbena perfume. It’s very light, meaning that I get about 4-5 hours of wear in these cooler months. I think Verbena Flower wears more like an EDT.

Notes listed include garden mint, ginger, cardamom, white rose, and Italian lemon.

Give Mistral Verbena Flower a try if you like herbaceous citrus scents of fragrances like L’Artisan Parfumeur L’Eau d’Artisan EDT, Diptyque L’eau des Hesperides, Origins Ginger Essence, Sisley Eau de Sisley No.3 EDT, Heeley Menthe Fraiche EDP, and maybe even Jo Wood Organics Usiku EDT.

An 1.7 oz. spray of Verbena Flower retails for $50. It is available at and B-Glowing.

Food & Fragrance: Here’s a recipe that corresponds with this Mistral Verbena Flower fragrance. It’s Icy Lemon-Ginger Vodka from Food & Wine. Doesn’t this sound refreshing? I think to truly embody Mistral Verbena Flower, one should shake a small amount of cardamom on the drink.

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*Disclaimer – A sample of this fragrance was provided by Mistral. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

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  1. I love light fragrances in summer. Really cool that you included a recipe too! Now, I’ll have to try that 🙂

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