Mistral Lychee Rose Perfume Review


Rose Week: Feb. 7-11

For some reason, I have always liked Mistral Litchi Rose or Lychee Rose, well in soap form.  I’ve bought a few bars of soap in this fragrance for gifts. But, I never tried the fragrance even though I’ve been tempted many times at Anthropologie. I’m usually not one to love/like fruity florals, especially “light” and sweet fruity florals. After giving it some thought, Mistral Lychee Rose reminds me of a being a little girl in a Sanrio store. Mistral Lychee Rose is like Japanese candies and scented erasers.

I like lychee and I like rose. I like to make lychee and rose martinis and fro-yo. These are flavors that I dig. Lychee is, in my opinion,  is a difficult note in fragrance (and in food). It sometimes comes across like hair spray or cat pee or a mix of the two. Mistral Lychee Rose does open up as “hissy”. When I say that I mean that it smells like alcohol and nose hair singe-ing florals. After I let it settle down, I get lychee and rose. The lychee is like candy found at Japanese markets (I’m thinking Kasugai brand) and the rose reminds me of Japanese rose scented bath products or gum. I like this stage. With a little more time, I’m left with a generic woodsy-rose with bit of sweet musk. It isn’t dirty or skanky. It’s very clean, slightly fruity, but it reminds me of something from B&BW or mainstream DKNY or Armani fragrances. I’m not really impressed by the dry-down. But, it does smell very “Sanrio” to me, even the dry-down. I realize that I don’t want to smell like a Sanrio store even if I do like the nostalgic smell.

Lychee Rose wears very lightly, more like an EDT in my opinion. I can see its appeal but it isn’t for me. But, I’m also attracted to cutesy Hello Kitty apparel but would never purchase or wear it. I do think this is a cute fragrance for a teen.

Notes listed include flowers, fruits, woods, and spices.

Give Mistral Lychee Rose a try if you like fruity floral or perfumes like Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One, DKNY Be Delicious Red, B&BW P.S. I Love You, Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom, and/or Emporio Armani Diamonds.

The 1.7 oz EDP spray retails for $50 and is available at B-Glowing.

*Disclaimer – A sample was provided by Mistral. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.
Product picture is from B-Glowing. Fro-yo pic from Post contains an affiliate link.

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