Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant EDP Perfume Review

Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant EDP review

Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant or “Pamplemousse” is described as “a lively, uplifting citrus fragrance“. Grapefruit Red Currant is a tart fruity-citrus fragrance with transparent florals.

Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant opens with grapefruit and tangy red currants. It does become floral. I get soft lemon blossom and an anemic jasmine. It’s a “light” floral but sharp. I can barely smell it on me at all. It’s gone within 10 minutes, but you guys have heard that my skin loves to “eat” citrus. And I think the grapefruit could “turn” on me if I could smell it long enough. What this scent needs is a base or something to make it last longer.

Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant is a pretty enough fragrance, from what I can smell, but not interesting. It’s sheer and watery. It’s temporary strength reminds me of a body splash, not an EDP.

Notes listed include yellow grapefruit, tangy red currants, white jasmine, lemon blossom, and freesia.

Give Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant a try if you like very light citrus florals or fragrances like Pacifica Lemon Blossom, L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons, Clean Shower Fresh, Dior Addict 2, and/or Kio Kio Citrus Petal & Tarata Body Mist.

An 1.7 bottle of Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant EDP retails for $50. It is available at B-Glowing.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – This is an “upscale” Bath and Body Works creation. It makes me a little sad to see such a “yawner” from Mistral. Oh, well. It seems that most lines have one. I’m not interested in owning a bottle.

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