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Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in Endless Review


Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner is a long-wearing liquid eyeliner that comes in 5 shades. Milani claims that this liquid liner is semi-permanent (lasting up to 24 hours of wear), waterproof, and smudge and smear proof. Milani’s claims are true. I am reviewing the purple shade above, Endless.

The Formula & Wear: The formula is a thicker liquid in comparison to other liquid liners that I have used in the past (such as Lancôme Artliner or Almay Liquid Eyeliner). This isn’t a bad thing; I didn’t find it difficult to work with. I  find this thicker formula truer to color. The color did apply intensely and evenly. Have you ever used a liquid liner in the past that streaked when applying? Oh, that drives me nuts! I have to keep layering and layering and then that removes color, etc. I did not have to do to that with Milani Infinite Liquid Liner. I only reapplied because of my own sloppy application. Because of the thicker formula, it takes a bit to dry, no more than 60 seconds. Just don’t sneeze until it’s dry 🙂 This stuff wears and wears! No joke. It’s completely waterproof. I joke (but I’m serious too) that this is the liquid eyeliner for cheerleaders, strippers, belly dancers, performers, and synchronized swimmers. This stuff can take any sweat, water, humidity, anything without budging. This is a great product for all performers.  WARNING: you will need a serious, oil-based eye makeup remover or you won’t get it off. I did not do the 24 hour test with this product. I’ve never slept in makeup in my life, but this could easily last 24 hours. I swatched my hand, 24 hours later after washings, etc. the product is still there.

The Color/Endless: Endless is a beautiful deep royal purple with pinky bronze shimmer. I love this color. It almost has a foil finish, very metallic. (This could be unflattering on “mature” eyes). It looks great worn alone with neutral shadows, like my pic below, or paired with more dramatic eyeshadow. I can’t wait to wear this liner with greens, purples, pinks, and bronzes. It’s a dark color but more fun than black.

Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner Picture
wearing Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in Endless with Lorac Sand Shadow

The Packaging: The packaging is very simple. It has a brush tip applicator. I have to wipe the excess liner off on the rim of the container. This isn’t abnormal. I have to do this with all liners. The brush leans towards the thick side. It doesn’t bother me, but you can always use your own brush by applying a bit to your hand first or use the excess on the rim. So if you are used to using a slanted brush, you can use a slanted brush.

Who may like this? If you are looking for a long-wearing flake-proof, smudge-proof eyeliner, then this is it! I mean this stuff lasts. This is a great product for anyone needing a long-wearing and waterproof product. I think dancers, cheerleaders, performers, etc. would love this! I think this is a great line for people wanting a nice quality but budget friendly eyeliner. It’s also nice for people that want to add some different shades of liquid liner to their collection without spending tons of money.

Milani Infinite Wear Endless Eyeliner review
Milani Endless worn with Urban Decay Mildew (light green) and Ecstasy (purple in crease)

Who may not like this? People who want to get their eye makeup off easily! This is a difficult product to remover and you will need a “heavy-duty” eye makeup remover. Some people may not like the brush (remember you can use  your own). If you don’t like “thick” formulas, perhaps you are used to “watery” formulas. Or you don’t like metallic liners.

I want to try other colors in this line. I really like the formula and the price is awesome. You can get a tube of Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner for under $6. UPDATE: Item has been discontinued.

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Disclosure- This product was provided by Milani. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. 

10 thoughts on “Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in Endless Review

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m telling you, this stuff stays on and on! There was no streaking or flaking. There was no budging! I think it’s a wonderful product for the money. I just worry if I apply it sloppily (is that a word?) that I won’t be able to correct it! Well, you can, just correct it before it “sets”.

    1. It’s super long-wearing. I mean I think it’d stay on for a week! A black is made but I don’t know if it contains shimmer. Looking at Vampy Varnish’s swatches, it appears that the black is glossy but doesn’t have shimmer.

    1. LOL, I was kind of scared of that too. After I washed my face and everything was gone except the liner, I did kind of freak 😉 But, it did come off with a “heavy duty” eye makeup remover.

        1. Happy you like it! I love them too. This is truly and “endless” cosmetic!
          Thanks for the tip too about the oil-based makeup remover.

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