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Milani HD Advanced Lip Color Review – Purple Shades

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color Review

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For fall 2010, Milani has launched their new HD Advanced Lip Color. Milani HD Advanced Lip Color is a sheer 3-in-1 lip color that is “serum infused” with a rich, moisturizing feel. It’s like a super moisturizing lip treatment with a wash of color. It contains anti-oxidants and oils to treat and prevent chapped lips. Hmm…does this description and this packaging remind you another brand, a high-end brand that goes by Dior? It’s obvious that Milani HD Advanced Lip Color is a total “dupe” of Dior Serum de Rouge Lip Treatment. I love a good dupe. I’d rather pay $7 for a lip product instead of $32. Milani HD Advanced Lip Color comes in 12 shades (6 cream and 6 pearl). I’m reviewing the purple or plum shades in the collection.

Milani Premiere Plum Lip Color Review
Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Premiere Plum

Premiere Plum 118 – In the tube, Premiere Plum looks like a rich dark, royal purple shimmer. On the lips, it’s much less gothic.On the lips, it is a tame shimmery cool fuchsia. It’s an attractive color but it looks nothing like what is in the tube. A rich, dark, royal purple is a difficult lipstick shade to find. This color could be a very natural berry shade for medium to dark complexions.

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Sweet Grape
Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Sweet Grape

Sweet Grape 117 – In the tube, Sweet Grape look like a medium warm purple with gold shimmer. This color is beautiful on the lips. It’s one of my favorite shades that I’ve met this year.It’s a light warm violet with lots of gold shimmer. This purple manages to look very natural. This is a color that I’m going to wear to work, I’m going to wear it for fun. This color can look really natural or you can play it up by pairing it with really shimmery gold eyeshadows. I love this color.

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color Raspberry Blush Review
Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush 116 – In the tube Raspberry Blush looks like a satin/cream finish medium berry shade. This color is very pretty. It’s one of those colors that plays up my natural lip color. It’s a satin (no shimmer) light berry. This is a pretty color. It looks so “fresh” when paired with a few coats of dark mascara and a hot pink blush.

I really like the formula of this new Milani lip color. It’s sheer, smooth, and it really does feel like a lip treatment. It feels like a lip balm but wears like a lip gloss. This is going to be something in my purse this winter to prevent and treat chapped lips. It’s much more glam than regular ole’ lip balm! There is a watermelon fragrance. It’s strong in a Bonne Bell way. It doesn’t bother me, but I can see how some people could dislike it. It’s a bit of a childish scent. The packaging (identical to Dior’s)…the packaging is a slim tube. It’s odd because you have to twist the bottom and it “clicks”. So, you really can’t apply this lipstick discretely, everyone is going to hear it! The packaging isn’t my favorite. I am really not a fan of slimline lipstick tubes. My complaints about this product includes the packaging (it’s not terrible, I like “traditional” lip product packaginig) and I wish this lip color had an SPF. Then it could replace my lip balms.

I will definitely be trying more of the colors in this line. I want to try the reds. My lips tend to get dry and I’m always on the look out for moisturizing lip products. This is an awesome product for the money. You guys know I love matte, bold lips but sometimes sheer is just as glamorous.Here’s the deal with this product: you will be disappointed if you are expecting a lipstick. This product is sheer and glossy. It wears on the lips like Smith’s Rosebud Salve, kind of thick. If you are expecting a lip treatment or a lip gloss, then you’ll most likely be happy with this product. Milani HD Advanced Lip Color is a lip color, not a lipstick. It won’t wear as long as a lipstick. This has an “oily” feel. And my guess is that it could feather. I like this but like I said, I have dry lips.

This Milani Lip Color retails for about $7.50.

UPDATE: Product has been discontinued.

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7 thoughts on “Milani HD Advanced Lip Color Review – Purple Shades

    1. I haven’t tried the Dior Serums…yet. But, I’m pretty sure it’s no coincidence for Milani. They are trying to market their lip treatment the same way as Dior. I’ve been happy with the formula.

  1. I love tinted lip balms/lip treatments. These seem to have more color than what I use (Nivea, mark) but the price is great. These could be my “lipsticks”.

    1. I don’t think all of the colors have this much pigment. Some are more sheer. I think someone could like these as “lipsticks” if they don’t like the feel or look of lipsticks.

  2. I bought the Plum shade. It’s beautiful. This formula is so creamy and I love it. It isn’t long lasting but it feels so good on my lips that I don’t care.

    1. I love the formula but it is “soft” and I’m going through these tubes quickly. That doesn’t bother me because I’d rather use a product than let it go to waste. (Problems of a cosmetic addict).

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