MIKMOI Ao EDP Perfume Review


MIKMOI Ao is an aquatic floral perfume inspired by the bays and beaches of the Andaman Sea. Ao is one of those new aquatic pedigrees that won’t remind you of anything sold at malls in the 90’s. I love seeing indies newly interpret aquatic and ozonic fragrance genres. Ao is a sheer, veil-like aquatic with tropical fruits and florals that is a lovely olfactory tribute to Thai beaches.

Ao is ripe tropical fruits and tuberose. Salt air and smoky driftwood. When wearing Ao, it’s like being in a different atmosphere¹. It’s salty ozone with a bitter, green coconut and unripe pineapple with a cool, camphoric tuberose. The heart wears as a sheer tuberose with fruits like peaches and mangoes. The base of Ao is smoky but it’s never heavy. It really is like a sea breeze bringing in diffused bonfire smoke from the distance.

Ao is one of my favorite aquatics, even one of my favorite “beach” scents. It isn’t cliché. Yes, there’s coconut but it’s not like coconut. It’s bitter, green coconut and not cheap suntan lotion. The composition is as sheer as mosquito netting which makes it all the more modern.

France Nuyen

Notes listed include young coconut juice, tuberose, Thai ginger, blue plai, amyris, and cade. Launched in 2013. PERFUMER – Michael Coyle

Give Ao a try if you want to try a tropical or “beach” perfume that isn’t like the typical offerings. Or if you like perfumes that are in the Hermèssence line or Guerlain Aqua Allegoria line, By Kilian Flower of Immortality and/or LUSH 1000 Kisses Deep .

Projection is below average and longevity is average. I actually like how this scent closely “hovers” over the skin.

The 1.7 oz retails for $90 at MIKMOI. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSheer tropical tuberose aquatic. I love this fresh indie take on aquatic and ozonic perfumes. Believe it or not, I actually really like aquatic perfumes (well, the new generation of them). Ao is one of my favorite indies to launch in the past few years. I plan on buying a bottle.

¹Well, assuming that the atmosphere that you’re in isn’t like what I described!

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by MIKMOI. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. France Nuyen pic from

10 thoughts on “MIKMOI Ao EDP Perfume Review

  1. Thanks for linking to my review of Ao. I bought this scent for myself last year and it was utter game changer in what someone can do with tropical notes for me. Such an amazing vacation in a bottle.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

      It sure is. It’s a an aquatic for those that don’t usually like aquatics. It’s a tropical scent for those that usually don’t like tropical scents. Heck, it’s probably even a tuberose for those that don’t usually like tuberose. I really do love that it’s “beachy” without resorting to coconut cream cliches.

  2. I love this one. I’m trying to choose between this one and Aldwych. Can’t possibly get full bottles of both! I guess it will depend on whether i’m more in the mood for an English seaside town or the tropics.

    1. Haha, I have the same conundrum. I LOVE both of those but after moving and actually realizing that I *really* don’t need any more of anything ever, I need to just choose one. It’s exactly like you said, English seaside town or tropics. I guess we can’t lose with either 🙂

  3. I just bought the sample set. Can’t wait to sniff this! Even if salt and driftwood are difficult for me to wear, I’m still looking forward to trying it. Btw, how beautiful is France Nuyen?! Perfect pic.

    1. Look forward to your thoughts! I think it’s a line worth trying, if nothing else, to experience a West Coast indie line 🙂

      France Nuyen is gorgeous. I have so many “favorite” pics of her, but I love this one. She isn’t overly made up and that smile is everything. I read that she went on to be a counselor for abused women and children. If we didn’t have enough reasons to think she’s beautiful 😉

  4. So I ended up buying Aldwych instead of Ao. I might buy a full bottle of Ao in six months or so. Not that I need any more full bottles!!

    1. I don’t need any more full-bottles either but I really want these two! I’ve yet to decide :S

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