MIKMOI Aldwych EDP Perfume Review

Mikmoi Aldwych

My favorite smell in the world is that of the ocean. And I’m not talking perfumery’s usual take on the ocean which is just squeaky clean soap. I like the smell of the ocean. Salt air, brine, seaweed and oysters. This doesn’t mean that I want to walk around smelling like a fish market, but I do love a briney perfume, something not afraid to bring in some of the dirtiness from the ocean into its composition. The ocean represents both birth and decomposition. MIKMOI Aldwych is one of the few aquatic perfumes that does everything that I want with an “ocean” fragrance.

Aldwych is my sort of aquatic. Cool and green. It opens with a sharp, green bitterness and salt air. It’s an atmospheric and enveloping fragrance like a sea mist. The dry-down is patchouli with an herbal lavender except it doesn’t smell “heavy” or masculine like my description may lead you to believe. Aldwych somehow manages to have this ozonic, sheer base with some heft. It’s an aquatic patchouli. Fresh but not too fresh.

Aldwych is a perfume inspired by Oscar Wilde (and it has been my experience that Wilde makes a great perfume inspiration) but when I first tried Aldwych, I thought of Morrissey. I keep trying to quit Morrissey but I can’t. After years and years of listening to him, by DNA has been altered to forever be an angsty 13 year old girl. My favorite song in the world is “Everyday is like Sunday“. I always imagined myself living in a seaside town, silent and gray. And when I made it to Seattle, I felt like I achieved this – grayness, pebbled beaches and salt air. This may sound depressing, maybe it is, but this is what I wanted. And I drove across the country in a little hatchback filled with perfumes, records and a duffle bag filled with a few poorly put together outfits. And I listed to “Everyday is like Sunday” on this epic drive. When I sniffed Aldwych, it was the perfume to scent this song – cool, demure and gray. Instant love.

Notes listed include absinthe, carnation, lavender and aged patchouli. Launched 2013. PERFUMER – Michael Coyle

Give Aldwych a try if you like smart aquatics. Or if you like perfumes like HEELEY Sel Marin, Hermes Epice Marine, Demeter Sushi and/or Escentric Molecules Escentric 02. Aldwych is unisex.

Projection is above average, nice sillage or “atmosphere”. Longevity is average.

The 1.7 oz bottle retails for $90 at MIKMOI. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONBriney, herbal patchouli by the sea.  A full-size bottle is on my “to-buy” list. I love stuff like this.

*I featured this in my summer perfume picks of 2013.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by MIKMOI. I am not financially compensated for my review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from MIKMOI.

9 thoughts on “MIKMOI Aldwych EDP Perfume Review

  1. Hahah, I guess I didn’t quite get the saltiness from this one and the aquatic angle, which warrants re-sniffing. Always a pleasure to read your perfume reviews, Victoria!

    1. I hope it hasn’t been reformulated. My sample is a rather “early” sample. For me, it’s like sea mist, enveloping and cool.

  2. While I do like hearing “Morrissey” songs when they’re played on the radio I wouldn’t say that his music is part of my life-soundtrack, but I can absolutely get behind everything ocean related in today’s post. My love for the smell of the ocean goes way back. You made me curious about MikMoi perfumes, so much so, that after reading about Aldwych I went straight to their online site and ordered the sample pack. Of course, I know that my experience may vary from yours, but it’ll be a fun adventure, anyway. Thanks for the heads-up!

    1. I’m not happy to say that his music could be in my life-soundtrack…but I can’t deny it either.

      I think the entire line is worth sampling. I like them. Another one of his reminds me of the beach, Itoh – like a beach bonfire. But, of course, the other reviews are calling it a peony. I get some florals but mainly smoky ocean bonfire.

  3. Dear Victoria

    Aldwych was my very first Mikmoi love. I agree with your description and your opinion about Wilde: he is always a perfect muse for a perfumer. I fell in love with London as well as Seattle; they are not depressing cities at all!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Wilde would have been a perfumista. Could you imagine if he could write reviews on some of these modern things? They’d be great!

  4. I ordered the sample set and I love them all. I mean, I want all four full bottles! That never happens to me. Aldwych is wonderful. It reminds me of the smell of a dear aunt’s house. I don’t know if she used to use a carnation perfume or soap, but this perfume smells exactly like her house and brings back pleasant memories. Itoh is beautiful too. Beach bonfires, cedar and peony. I’m not usually into tropical scents, but Ao is wonderful. Vesper is great too. Thank you for bringing Mikmoi to my attention.

    1. There’s a DSH perfume that reminds me of my aunt’s home too. Looking back, I assume she had rose soaps or something. I can’t figure out what is in the perfume that reminds me of her home when I was a child! But, it is an instant “smell memory” for me.

      Ao is an excellent tropical for those that aren’t usually into “tropical”. I really, really want bottles of Aldwych, Itoh and Ao. I like Vesper but I see myself wearing those other 3 a lot more frequently.

      Glad you liked them!

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