Memo Paris Tiger’s Nest Perfume Review

Memo Paris Tiger’s Nest is inspired by a sacred Buddhist monastery in Bhutan nested in the Himalayas. So even though the design on the bottle wants you to believe this is a perfume about tigers, it’s not really that. This isn’t some feral musk composition but instead a meditative incense perfume.

Tiger’s Nest opens with a radiance that I find unexpected. It’s a liturgical frankincense with fizzy, champagne-like aldehydes. In addition, it’s spicy with both warm/cool spices (i.e. clove, cardamom). The heart is frankincense and balsamic incense resins. It wears rather linear or at least like incense resins for most of the wear. But, really, aren’t incense resins complex enough? OK, well, there’s some pine needles too. It also comes across like incense. The dry-down is a balsamic amber with a dusting of warm spices. The base is sweeter but I wouldn’t say it’s “sweet”. It’s just really balsamic and maybe even a little boozy.

There are many perfumes in the “literal incense” market. But, there’s a few things I like about Tiger’s Nest. The first thing is that it manages to balance both a sharp liturgical incense with that of a sweeter, balsamic incense. The second thing is that it comes in a gold bottle with a tiger on it. Other incense perfumes don’t have that. 😉

Sylvia Sydney

Notes listed include lemon, aldehydes, pink pepper, pepper, rose, absinthe, olibanum, benzoin, cinnamon, labdanum, tolu balsam, vanilla and amber. Launched in 2018.

Give Tiger’s Nest a try if you like incense fragrances, especially frankincense. Or perfumes like HEELEY Cardinal, Comme de Garcons Avignon, Montale Full Incense, MiN Forever Now and/or Lorenzo Villoresi Incensi.

Projection and longevity are average to above average.

The 2.5 oz bottle retails for $300 at Osswald. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA balance of both sharper, liturgical style incense and smoother, balsamic style incense. I don’t *need* anything like this. I went through a huge incense phase back in the day but maybe I wouldn’t have bought so many if I had one that covered all the bases like this!

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from the brand. Sylvia Sidney pic from She was the case worker in Beetlejuice!