Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum Skincare Review

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum reviewWhen it comes to skincare, I’m a Vitamin C addict. I have discolorations that I hate and “dull” skin in my opinion. Vitamin C is my secret weapon. I’ve used so many brands: Dr. Brandt, Shiseido, Clarins, Erno Lazslo, Avon Anew, Lancome, L’Oreal, and I’m sure I’m omitting a few. Every time I find one that I love, the formula gets changed or axed (Lancome, Shiseido, Clarins). And some of the stuff did nothing except make me wish I had my $60 back. I have been wanting a “new” Vitamin C serum because I feel like my skin is getting “immune” to Erno Lazlo. Well, Mario Badescu has launched a Vitamin C serum and I really like it.

Mario Badescu is a potent little bottle of Vitamin C. It contains Vitamin C (7%), cucumber, ginseng, aloe vera gel, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and lavender oil. A few drops are to be used once every other night. That’s assuming you have a normal skin type. Some people can only use these types of serums once or twice a week.

FYI- I have normal skin. In the winter it’s more normal to dry. Here’s my PM routine (I have a different AM): I cleanse with MB Enzyme Cleansing Gel, tone with MB Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, use MB Hyaluronic Eye Cream, apply MB Seaweed Night Cream nightly. I use this Vitamin C Serum under my night cream 4 times a week. I use 3 drops, rub it in my palms, and apply to face and neck. I think in the summer when my skin isn’t so dry, I could alternate the Vitamin C serum as my night cream every other night.

The formula: The serum is super lightweight. It’s a thin, clear liquid that absorbs quickly. I assume that oilier skins would call this serum “oily” since oily skins tend to think that about everything 🙂 After two months of use, my skin feels good: smooth and tone. I also feel that my discolorations are less noticeable. They’re still noticeable and I know that there’s nothing I can do to get rid of them completely and that’s OK. I do notice that other discolorations from healing blemishes seem to fade quicker once I started using this. In the past 2 weeks, random strangers have complimented me on my complexion. So something I’m using is working.

The fragrance: The serum has an unusual fragrance. I pick up on the relaxing lavender, but there’s ginseng in this formula. I think that ginseng tastes and smells gross. Ginseng ranks as one of the rankest in my opinion! I can’t say that I like the smell of Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum but this doesn’t stop me from using it. Why would a fragrance junkie use something that stinks? Well, because it works. I’ll trade stink for glowing, porcelain perfect skin any day. Fortunately this stink fades quickly, well, in about 10-15 minutes.

Who may like Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum? If you are concerned with discolorations and dullness and don’t mind adding a serum to  your skincare routine, then try this. I believe that all skin types could use this serum, except for very sensitive since this is a potent serum. However, I think it’s best for normal to dry. If you’ve used other vitamin C serum serums in the past, then you may like the Mario Badescu. It ranks as one of the top 3 OTC brightening serums that I’ve ever used.

Who may not like Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum? Sensitive skins, I’m guessing. (If you describe your skin as sensitive and have used this, please chime in.) Those that don’t want to add a serum to their routine. The smell will most likely upset sensitive noses. For example, you prefer unscented skincare. Some people may not like the price, but it is fair for a department store serum. Some people may dislike the glass bottle. I am always paranoid that I’m going to  drop any glass bottles and destroy them on my antique  soapstone tile floors.

An 1 oz. bottle retails for $45 and is available at Mario Badescu. It’s pricey but not too pricey in the world of serums (sick, I know). I’ve been using this numerous times weekly for 2 months and I’ve barely put a dent in it. There’s more than 2/3 left in this little green glass bottle.

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*Disclaimer – This product was provided by Mario Badescu. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

13 thoughts on “Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum Skincare Review

  1. Yay! I love skin care stuffs. 7% vitamin C isn’t actually too high, but is good for normal skin. There are 20 and 30% solutions out there (although who can use them?).

    I have sensitive skin and really have to watch what I use, and vitamin C is one of those things. For an antioxidant I’m using Combray serum now, they are like perfume vials of dark brown liquid, it’s weird. Don’t know how it’s going to work yet, I just started it.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..The Oudinest one

    1. I love skincare! It’s boring to read but fun to review 🙂
      I know my Vitamin C limits, over 10% and I’m a beet face. I’ve seen the 20%-30% stuff too, who can use that? My face would melt off!
      Many of my friends can’t use Vitamin C because their skin is sensitive. I looked up Combray serum and now I want to use it! It looks so medicinal and potent 😉 I love grapeseed oil, geez, I love it all. I’m a skincare nut. I guess I can start using Combray after I melt my face off with Vitamin C…

  2. Haha, hopefully your face won’t melt off. Every time I go to use the Combray, it feels like I’m going to put frankincense oil or patchouli on my face, it’s a little disturbing. Have you tried combining vitamin C with glycolic acid and/or hydroquinone? Since you don’t have sensitive skin, you could probably tolerate hydroquinone, it would probably rev up your results! I also just started Vivite Vibrance Therapy, and it’s strange, because it’s got 15% glycolic compound, and I didn’t think I could tolerate it that high, but it’s got stuff in it to soothe redness & sensitivity, so that’s why MY face isn’t burning off. Loving it.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..The Oudinest one

    1. I love fragrant face oils like from Decleor or In Fiore. What I’m saying is that I’m sure I’ve put patchouli oil on my face before.
      I have tried Vitamin C and glycolic combos and liked them but had to only do those once a week or my skin would melt off 😉 Never tried hydroquinone that I know of. I can’t do more than 10% glycolic or I dry out like made and turn red. I’ll save the big guns for later!
      Why do we want to burn our faces off so badly?

      1. It’s fun to almost burn your face off, but it’s not fun to actually go through with it. 🙂 My little sunspots bug the heck out of me. Even though I haven’t been without sunscreen in a long time, avoid the sun altogether and take good care of my skin, the damage from my teens is just surfacing now. It’s such a bummer.
        Carrie Meredith recently posted..The Oudinest one

        1. I’m bothered by tiny discolorations too. I have been wearing sunscreen daily since I was 14 so mine is actually childhood damage from living in the Southeast (or sunscreen is totally bogus). Now that I live in the PNW, I’ll never have to worry about that pesky sun again 😉
          But, yeah, I think my sun damage bothers me and nobody else notices…or at least for now.

    1. I’ve had bad luck with some of those. I saw no difference with Shiseido or Clarins serums. This is one is mild enough for me to use every other day so I actually remember to use it vs. some of those once a week blends!

  3. I’ve had good luck with Mario Badescu. I have oily skin with frequent blemishes. Mario Badescu makes good products for skin like mine (which doesn’t sound like yours). I’m wondering if I should try this one for fading of past acne spots. I worry that it will be too much for my skin. I’m going to be one that says this feels oily 🙂

    1. LOL, you oily skins 🙂 If you are familiar with their products (and buy in person), maybe you should ask for a sample the next time you are at the counter, spa, etc. Their website recommends this product for all skin types, but you know how that is. You just won’t know if you fit into the “all” unless you try.

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