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LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder Review

LUSH Silky Underwear

Here’s a product from LUSH that I will repurchase! Silky Underwear is a dusting powder with little slivers of cocoa butter to moisturize. And somehow these little cocoa butter slivers really work. They absorb quickly into the skin and don’t leave me greasy. Thank goodness, they aren’t little clumps covered in powder that just set on the skin.

I love dusting powders. I’m old-school. I love to have a classic fragrance such as Chanel No.5 in powder form. I also like to make my own dusting powders and dry shampoo. I don’t use dusting powders frequently, only in the summer , but when I get on a “kick”, it’s hard to get my attentions elsewhere. It’s summer and I’ve been purchasing dusting powders and making my own. I went to a local LUSH boutique recently to buy Silky Underwear. I seriously have to stop going to the boutiques and only order on-line. The scent of the store is so overwhelming that induces asthma attacks and causes allergic reactions for a week.

The SA told me to use this product over a light lotion in the summer. My skin should still be moisturized but shouldn’t be sticky. This means something when you live in an area with little a/c. I’m sick of feeling slimy when it gets over 80°. She gave a nice demo (even though I was there to purchase this demo or not) and she told me of the sexy cocoa butter and jasmine scent. I couldn’t smell a damn thing in the store so I had to take Miss SA’s word even though I had serious doubts of the fragrance.

The formula is very smooth. It’s a powder so it is messy. If you use dusting powders than you know this. Dusting powders suck if you have black or dark furniture 🙂 I apply dusting powders over a rug so that my excess makes a luxurious carpet powder to be vacuumed later. The clay and cornstarch formula absorbs oils/moisture and leaves my skin feeling cocoa butter smooth. I really think on hotter days that this could be my moisturizer. After applying Silky Underwear, my skin is left smooth and not chalky or ashy.

To the scent…The SA said that this smells like jasmine and cocoa butter. LUSH Silky Underwear does smell like cocoa butter. Jasmine? What jasmine?  What I do get is cocoa butter with dried vetiver like aroma. This is actually very pretty. Sometimes I think I pick up on a floral, but I think it is me looking for it because it is a note listed. If jasmine is present it must fade very quickly. I mainly get a sweet and slightly woodsy fragrance. It layers wonderfully with Clarins Eau Dynamisante and Guerlain Vetiver, scents I reach for in the summer.

Retails for $11.95 for 3.5 oz. It is only available at LUSH. When I’m out of this dusting powder, I will repurchase. I really like it. And this is coming from someone that really likes to try dusting powders.

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*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand. 

13 thoughts on “LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder Review

  1. I’ve never used a dusting powder, but you make this sound like a treat. It’s so true about the Lush stores! I can’t even walk past one without holding my breath!

    1. It’s so funny because all of the SAa are like “I don’t notice the smell”. I think they are permanently damaged from being in that environment because it seriously makes me ill. And I have a great scent stamina.
      Dusting powders are nice but they do take some getting used to. I mean the obvious mess and the possibility of it rubbing off on your dark clothes. But, I’m old-fashioned and love it.

  2. I love a good powder! This one sounds quite good.

    I finally braved entering a Lush (I also do not appreciate the smell) and the SA was in my face asking question after question. She was nice, but I like to be left alone to browse.

    Back to the original topic! The powder I like is made by Perlier in a scent they call Honey Lemon. To me, it does not smell like either of those things, but just smells gorgeous. It does make a mess tho!

    1. I know what you mean about the overly helpful SAs too. It’s kind of sensory overload anyways with all the smells, colors, etc. I am not in the mood to be asked a million questions! I leave there exhausted. That’s why I say order on-line!
      I love Perlier powders. I have not tried that one. I used to use White Almond. Unfortunately, all powders make a mess. It doesn’t bother me but I can see how it could bother others.

  3. I’m not much for powders, but I love this one. I have two cans of it – one in my bathroom and one in my bedroom. But I’m with you, I don’t get a jasmine scent at all. Not that it matters, I still love it.

    1. This one is the best powder that I have bought out and about because it moisturizes! Other powders don’t do that. I’m left moisturized but “dry”. How does it do it?
      I know. I get no jasmine but that doesn’t matter. I like the fragrance regardless. I think LUSH plays up the wrong notes of their products. “Jasmine” as a note seems to fit with “silky underwear” while vetiver as a note seems like “flannel boxers”. LOL.

  4. I don’t use dusting powders because they are messy and I’m a klutz. But, I’m very tempted to try this one after reading your review!

  5. Ive always been weary of lush products as I have tried them and they have not worked as well as I would expect them too. But its great as a gift or one off. This seems quite nyc and of course looks as though it would smell quite nice as you would expect from lush! lush products seem to be expensive and usually have an expiry date so I find that I cannot but there as often as I would like to.
    Nisha recently posted..ladies underwear

    1. I used to not buy them because of the expiration date too. I hate the thought of buying something and it will go bad before I use it up. So far, I’ve had no issues with that. To my surprise, I’ve liked them so much that I have used them up!

      But, not all of the products are for me. I have regretted a few 🙁

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