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LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel Review

LUSH Rose Jam

I’m a mega fan of LUSH Bubbleroon in Rose Jam. It’s one of my favorite bath products. Actually, it may be my favorite bath product. When I heard that LUSH was launching a limited edition Rose Jam shower gel, I started stalking the store.

“It will be in on Friday”, they would say. It was never in on Friday. Never. I went by on two different Fridays.

Jessica wrote a review published on Now Smell This that made me long for Rose Jam even more. I was going to order it online but I just so happened to stop by the store just in case before going home and ordering it online. And they did have them…and it wasn’t Friday.

I really don’t care about the Rose Jam formula as I’m more about its fragrance. It could be the junkiest formula ever but it smells so good that I don’t care. It helps that the formula isn’t junky…it’s a good formula.

The formula lathers nicely and rinses off easily. It does leave the skin scented. The sales team at LUSH will tell you all about the argan and how it’s amazing for your skin. They’ll try to convince you that bathing in argan is like bathing in the blood of virgins. You’ll never age. You’ll be forever beautiful. This is great and all, but tell them to shut up and let you smell this stuff. Because, who cares about rare Moroccan nut oils in your shower gel? This smell is why you’ll buy it. The smell is what makes this different than other shower gels with exotic ingredients.

Rose Jam really does remind me of Armenian rose jam. It’s a honeyed rose – a luscious, sweet and deep honeyed, fruity rose. It has a hint of tart lemon. It smells like rose jam – sweet and gooey. It’s perfect. It’s a must try for rose lovers and those that love gourmands.

Bette Midler

Some of the LUSH products’s scents don’t translate from product to product. For example, the bar soap may smell amazing but the body powder smells like an “off” version of the soap. Rose Jam Shower Gel smells very much like the Bubbleroon that I love. And you know, I’m going to get more use out of the Shower Gel than a dissolving bath product that costs about $3.50 per bath. I honestly think Rose Jam Shower Gel is a good value. A little bit of it goes far and I can also use it as a bubble bath.

If you love rose as much as I do, you need this in your life. It will bring you joy and bliss. Showering in this will make you forgot all of your trivial worries. All you’ll think about is how amazing you smell. It’s a nice distraction from this crazy, crazy world.

Rose Jam comes in three sizes with prices ranging from $11-$30 at LUSH. This is a limited edition product and LUSH sucks for doing that. This should be a permanent product so they can take my money all year round.

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*Product purchased by me. Product pic from LUSH. Bette Midler pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

17 thoughts on “LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel Review

    1. Well, if you don’t like it, you know where to send it 😉

      Honestly, I think you’ll like, maybe even love it. Honeyed, sweet rose…so delicious.

  1. LOL for the review. Walked past the Lush at WestLake today and saw it there. Made me think of the review again. Lush Stores give me the willies, even if I like some of their products. For one thing I sneeze every time I go into one. The second item are the sales people. I feel like I have to wear armor or yell “back off’ every time. All this for a bath fizzie. A very expensive bath fizzie. Really how much does sodium bicarb. cost? The big bag at Costco is about $5.00. Still, love those Butterballs and avobaths.

    1. I heard that a LUSH employee will lose 5 years off of their lifespan if you don’t watch their demo. But, seriously, they have to demo everything. Here I am repurchasing a fizzy and I have to get a demo. I say, “stop” but they can’t or they will die. So, I watch…I awkwardly watch.

      And yes, I think we should get together and make our own. But, I don’t have a Costco card so you’ll have to pick that up. I love those damn fizz’n things but I can’t believe I actually buy them when I know that they are easy to make and dirt cheap to make.

  2. Have you tried Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner? That’s what started me on my rose jam kick! I was immediately hooked once I took a whiff of the stuff a couple of months back and now my jar is almost done. The girl who rang me out at the Lush counter told me there would be a special limited edition for winter that I would love since I liked the body conditioner so much, of course she was talking about the Rose Jam body wash! As soon as I saw it in the lush store I bought two of the large containers. I’m so thrilled! But yeah, definitely check out the body conditioner. I don’t use it in the shower as they suggest because you tend to use a lot, I just use a little bit as an after shower moisturizer (a tip the Lush rep gave me based on other customer’s uses).

    1. Thanks for commenting. I have used Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner which I loved for the smell. I didn’t know you could use it after shower. I used it in shower and was disappointed by how quickly it was gone (I’m guilty of overusing BUT still, it went fast). I told a friend that I loved the stuff and he said to try the shower gel which usually comes out at Christmas. I love this stuff! And I bought the Rose Jam perfume too. Now I need to head down to LUSH and get the body conditioner and layer 🙂

      Oh, I also use the Rose Jam bath thingies as a “sachet”. I wrap it in tissue paper and put it in a plastic baggie. It will sent an entire linen closet. Love the smell!

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