LUSH Gorilla Perfume Vanillary EDP Review

LUSH Vanillary Perfume Review

LUSH Vanillary is a sweet vanilla floral with a rich tonka bean base. I really did not expect to like Vanillary. The name doesn’t sound too exciting and how many more vanilla fragrances do I need? Isn’t one good vanilla enough? I also sniffed it in the stores years ago and it didn’t have much impact on me (probably because I couldn’t smell it in the toxic LUSH environment). And at that time I was in one of my stages where anything sweet or vanilla made me gag. I’m not in that stage anymore! I want a bottle of Vanillary. There’s jasmine in this vanilla perfume and that makes it a bit raunchy. Dare I say that Vanillary is sexy?

LUSH Vanillary opens up as a sweet jasmine, almost foody. It’s like vanilla liquor mixed with jasmine. Doesn’t that sound like it would make a killer martini? (There’s a recipe below!) The opening is boozy to me, but I find many vanillas boozy. This is one of those scents that if you sniff closely you get vanilla. If you sniff from a far, then you get heady jasmine that has a sweet honey quality to it. At times I’m reminded of ylang-ylang because this comes across as very heady, ylang-ylang heady . The dry-down is rich. The vanilla never seems to fade. It’s faintly there…in tonka bean form. The tonka bean gives a caramelized almost coconut-ish feel to the vanilla. It’s burnt vanilla sugar. Yeah, it’s delicious. And this is when Vanillary officially becomes gourmand. The dry-down lasts a long time. I can smell it like this (dry-down) for 6+hours. Overall, Vanillary is simple. It’s jasmine and toasted vanilla.

Too my surprise my husband went nuts for this. I know he likes jasmine but he’s never reacted to vanilla. This perfume supplied endless compliments. I’m pretty darn sure he wants me to have a bottle.

Vanillary has amazing lasting power, like 12+ hours. I like Vanillary but I don’t see  myself wearing it too often. I like sweet fragrances every now and then and I seriously find Vanillary too sexy for work wear (and that sillage, oh, my). Not to have a TMI moment, but I see Vanillary as black and red lingerie. I usually don’t wear that under my Calvin Klein work dresses but I do have it in my wardrobe and it has a time and a place 🙂 I mean, Vanillary isn’t all skank in a bottle. It has a sweet, gourmand dry-down. It could be worn daily, it’s just not something that I wouldn’t wear daily. Perhaps I’m saying all of this because of my husband’s response. Sorry for TMI!

Raquel Torres in boudoir

Saying all of this, I know that many people will not like Vanillary. It’s just too darn sweet. If you hate vanilla, many people do, then stay away. But, I shouldn’t have to tell you that…you can judge this fragrance by its name. Some vanilla fans may not like this because of the “raw” jasmine. And something just seems a bit dark with Vanillary, like a smoky, burnt darkness, toasted, and at times like pipe tobacco. So, vanilla fans that like sugary sweet cupcake smells may not want this. I also see the smoky note and the jasmine attracting folks that usually don’t go for vanillas.

Notes listed include vanilla, jasmine, and tonka bean.

Give Vanillary a dry if you want a natural vanilla with florals or if you like perfumes likes LaVanilla Vanilla Blossom EDP, Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy, Melvita Sweet Vanilla, Honore de Pres Vamp NYC, Couture Juicy Couture, and/or Villainess Decadence Perfume Oil.

The 1 oz. EDP, that is natural and vegan, retails for $39.95. Other sizes and mediums are available at LUSH.

Fragrance & Food…Booze: Also, I did find a Vanilla Jasmine Martini recipe on-line here. Oh, how I want to run a perfume inspired bar!

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– I re-sniffed this in October 2014 and here are my thoughts.

Disclaimer – A sample of this perfume was provided by LUSH. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Post also contains an affiliate link.
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    1. You may like it if you like those Juliette Has A Gun Perfumes. This one has that type of sensuality but in a natural fragrance.

    1. Your hesitation is relevant. It’s wise not to buy unsniffed!
      There is a solid in this that isn’t so costly. It may give you an idea if you like it or not? I haven’t tried it so I can’t say if they are anything alike or not.
      This is super sweet but not in a little kid way. I really like it.

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