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LUSH Gorilla Perfumes


LUSH has launched a new line of Gorilla perfumes this year (in the U.S.). However, these aren’t available at every store and they were “on tour” and stopped by Seattle for a short time. I went in to give them a try. Here are my brief mini reviews since LUSH isn’t offering samples of these perfumes for purchase and none of the SAs in the store would make me any despite all of my monies I spend there:

Sikkim Girls wit notes of frangipani, jasmine, vanilla and tuberose.

Powdery white floral that really reminds me of other things. I’d rather wear Joy. This is a good fragrance but I have lots of other white florals on my to-buy list right now. However, it’s one to try if you like white florals. Something about it seemed really “headshop-ish” to me and reminded me of nag champa. I love nag champa so I mean that as a compliment.

Devil’s Nightcap with notes of oakwood, oakmoss, clary sage and ylang ylang.

Sweet herbal stuff that reminds me of Chinese medicine. And then it dries down to a chypre-y thing. Try if you like chypres. I mean let’s face it, how many things launched this year were chypre-y things? It gets props for that.

Sun with notes of orange, tangerine, mimosa and sandalwood.

Bright sunny orange. One to try if you want a juicy orange or a “bright” citrus. I have Atelier Orange Sanguine in my collection for this. And I’m even sick of it. I get bored very easily with bright citrus perfumes.

Voice of Reason with notes of tonka bean, sandalwood, buddahwood and rose.

Smoky rose that smells much better once it dries down. I mean, it didn’t smell bad before but it’s that base – it has soul. It really does remind me of a smoky bar. The problem is that it opens with a BBQ meat smell before it becomes a smoky barfly rose.

The Bug with notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, galbanum and black pepper.

Bitter, spicy green galbanum. I usually dislike galbanum but I actually like it here. The hot spices and creamy woods really make it special. It’s a weird fragrance and try if you are looking for something “green” even if you think you dislike “green” perfumes. The Bug is a green perfume for those that haven’t found a green perfume that they like yet.

Euphoria with notes of clary sage, grapefruit, lime and neroli.

Musky neroli. Honestly, have nothing else to say about it other than the label is cool. I just can’t remember this one that well.

Flower’s Barrow with notes of geranium, rose, blackcurrant and Roman chamomile.

Minty geranium and fruity rose. I feel I should have more to say about this one as I love a blackcurrant rose; however, I can barely remember this one. I found the geranium too aggressive. I remember that.

Hellstone with notes of cumin, vetiver, opoponax and ambrette.

Kebabs at the park. Tons and tons of cumin with some smoke and an amazing “skin musk” dry down. My favorite of all of them. Except I hate that this one is oil-based because it makes me a greasy kabab at the park. The jojoba base is what kept me from buying a bottle. And then I realized I just wanted kebabs at the park and ended up taking the $25 I’d spend on perfume and went and bought lots of meat on a stick.

And there’s Furze which I’ve done a full review of. I didn’t like this one. Too darn sweet. Furze was my least favorite from all of these.

My favorites from these: Hellstone, The Bug and Voice of Reason. In that order.

Overall, it’s more interesting than what anything else at the mall is trying to sell you. But, none of these made me part with my money (to be fair, the new staff at the new location were getting on my nerves big time that day). LUSH is a style that you like or you dislike and these still have that LUSH-y vibe. What I’m saying is that if you are a LUSH fan, you need to try these. If not, then join me with my kebabs in the park.

These are available at some stores, touring other cities and they’re available online at LUSH. These come in a variety of sizes and the prices vary from scent to scent – from about $15-$25 for a small bottle. I’m not wild about this packaging. I like the black bottles with an atomizer much better.

LUSH The Bug

I did end up buying a limited edition print of The Bug. I loved the idea of this fragrance, a protest perfume. I feel it says a lot of our world and our way of life. This hangs by the front door.

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7 thoughts on “LUSH Gorilla Perfume Mini Reviews

  1. Thanks for the link love, Victoria! I loved reading your reviews for these — I felt much the same way about this collection, save for Sikkim Girls (which reads a lot less floral and a lot more incense on my skin than yours, I think). Volume 2 was an interesting endeavour, but… I don’t know. It just didn’t really resonate with me, I guess!
    Rae // theNotice recently posted..28/09/13 Link Love: Osmia Organics, cruelty-free beauty, & nail art (lots and lots of nail art).

    1. I actually didn’t wear Sikkim Girls on skin because well, no samples! I have a feeling that it’s different on skin than on paper (all perfumes are). I ended up wearing on skin Hellstone, Voice of Reason, The Bug and Devil’s Nightcap (all the space I had).
      I really hate the bottles with these. The dropper is weird. I want them to go back to the black bottles!

  2. Hi Victoria, I just want to say that I like your blog and appreciate that you’re taking the time to write all those reviews! As for Lush: Maybe Flowers Barrow is worth sniffing again. I thought it was a more herbal/masculine version of Diptyque l’Ombre dans l’Eau. Quite wearable. After reading your mini review I want to check Hellstone again, because I don’t remember that one. I had The Bug for a while (great concept & poster indeed!) but the dry down didn’t feel right on me. What do you think about its dry down?

    1. The problem that I had with this review is that I didn’t wear all of them on the skin and I don’t have samples. I had to go to the store apply, take notes. Saying that, I didn’t try Flower’s Barrow on skin (or Sikkim Girls). So, I only got the top notes and what they dried down to on paper. And that’s not a fair assessment of the perfumes, I admit that.

      I will try Flower’s Barrow again (since now the store is carrying them permanently even though they said they wouldn’t, wth?). I’m all about rose so technically I should love it (still a fan of Imogen Rose).

      I agree with you about The Bug. It’s good but it does go weird on me when it dries down…like stale or something.

      A pal gave me their bottle of Hellstone as they didn’t like it. I think it’s worth retrying. They launched so many at once that it is very easy to overlook ones that you may like (I have a feeling I have).

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