LUSH Gorilla Perfume Imogen Rose EDP Review

LUSH Imogen Rose EDP Perfume Review

Feb. 7th-11th Rose Week

If you don’t like rose, then stay away from LUSH Imogen Rose perfume. This is a very much a rose soliflore that doesn’t hold back.

Imogen Rose opens up as very green and sweet rose. It’s very realistic, an intense real-life rose. It’s wet and it’s outside. This isn’t rose in a vase or heaven forbid, potpourri. This is a rich rose oil. Strangely, I pickup something spicy. It doesn’t seem to be an added spice but the spice that sometimes accompanies flowers naturally. With time, I just gets lots of dry vetiver with green, sweet roses. With time, like after 2 hours of wear, I do get some powder. But, this powder is like incense powderiness, orris root powderiness instead of “baby powder” as LUSH described. In my mind, this rose is a very dark burgundy. It starts out wet and ends up dry.

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LUSH Imogen Rose is nice. I feel like I should be going nuts for it, but I’m not. I guess a rose is a rose. I tend to go for woodsy rose or skanky, musky “Arabian” rose scents. Imogen Rose is pretty enough, but it isn’t very memorable. These days, a rose has to have a certain something. But, hey, it smells good and it is long-wearing. Give it a try if you like powdery rose scents.

Notes listed include ambrette seed, vetivert, tonka, orris butter, bergamot, centifolia rose, and Damask rose.

The 1 oz. EDP retails for $64.95. Other sizes are also available at LUSH. There’s even a solid.

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*Disclaimer – A sample of this perfume was provided by LUSH. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.
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10 thoughts on “LUSH Gorilla Perfume Imogen Rose EDP Review

  1. I love rose fragrances!

    Imogen Rose sounds lovely, but I couldn’t get away with wearing this one at home what with the rose situation at home 😉

    I have yet to try a Lush fragrance, solid or liquid. I’m dont even think these are available in our store here, and I’m not going to look. Too much going on in those about sensory overload!

    1. I think the solid of this would be very pretty.

      I can’t go into a LUSH without about dying. They are overwhelming. I can never smell anything in there, so there isn’t a point. It’s like all of their products are purchased “unsniffed”.

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