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LUSH Flying Fox Shower Gel Review

LUSH Flying Fox

I mentioned in my January 2013 Smell Diary that I’m obsessed with this LUSH shower gel.

Flying Fox captures the raw, passionate love affair between honey and jasmine. This fragrance is skank at its best. The honey is animalic. The jasmine has indoles falling out of her cleavage. Ron from Notable Scents bought this on my recommendation and said, “It’s possible to be clean and dirty”. Yep, Flying Fox is squeaky clean raunch.

Flying Fox is very fragrant, almost too fragrant for someone that is a “perfume tester”. The scent lingers in my house and on my skin after a shower. It lingers for hours. And seriously you can smell it in the halls. Hope the neighbors like it!

The formula is basic. It lathers nicely and rinses easily. It’s not a moisturizing body wash. Flying Fox stands out for its perfume. Even my husband is hooked on using this stuff.

At one time this product was marketed for PMS. I’m so happy that dropped that BS and stopped isolating their male and post-menopausal market. This stuff sells because it smells good. Let’s keep it at that. Now it’s “Mood-Altering Aphrodisiac Honey Shower Gel“. I can roll with that.

I recommend this to any person that loves animalic florals or big, indolic verging on mothball jasmines.

Flying Fox comes in 3 sizes with prices ranging from about $10-$29 at LUSH.

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*Product purchased by me. Product pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “LUSH Flying Fox Shower Gel Review

    1. Yeah, Lust is close. I like Lust but it can be overwhelming at times.

      Oh, yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I can’t remember the name but it LINGERS. If it is safe for animals, I should totally use it to bathe the stinky frugs in.

  1. I love this stuff. I have not let myself buy because I have an entire under-sink-cabinet full of shower gel and lotion. yeah. My stock has gone done but I probably have another 3-4 years worth stock of shower gel. So I’m not really buying any more till I get through some or most of what I have stocked up…

    That said I FRIGGIN’ LOVE THIS SHOWER GEL. And Lust perfume as well.
    breathesgelatin recently posted..Tauer Perfumes Noontide Petals: my thoughts, and a sample draw

    1. A few years ago I had the same thing happen because of my obsession with body products. I understand! After giving away a few bottles to good homes and not buying anything for a year (more like 1.5 years), I got through it. Now I get to buy stuff like Flying Fox 🙂

  2. I agree with you if you want to feel gorgeous and sexy, then this product should always be in your house. It stays for long time on your body and I agree with you, the smell crawls around your house. It is a strong smell but not in a way that will make you dizzy.

    1. That’s how it is for me. Strong but not something suffocating or headache inducing. I love the stuff. I was trying to hold out buying a bottle until I used up some B&BW stuff in my shower…but I think I should go ahead and buy a bottle 🙂

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