LUSH Dirty Body Spray Fragrance Review

LUSH Dirty Body Spray review
Frink the Frug, guest commentator

Frink the Frug, four-legged fragrance commentator, here to talk about one of my newest fragrance obsessions: LUSH Dirty Body Spray. LUSH Dirty is a new range of new products that are designed on the layering concept. I wouldn’t know too much about this. I prefer “layering” by snuggling under crushed velvet throws, not grooming products. But, I hear that humans don’t appreciate their own fur so they do crazy things with it. That’s why LUSH offers Dirty in a Shower Gel, Shaving Cream, and Hair Gel too.

LUSH Dirty Body Spray captures the aroma of me rolling around in my family’s herb garden… trampling thyme, pulverizing lavender, and mutilating tarragon. They hate when I bathe this way but it gives me an invigorating rush. I am a house dog after all, I need something herbaceous to enliven my confined senses. And I’m a dog. I like to be a little dirty. Clean is oversold!

Dirty opens up as a blast of aromatic artemisia. I destroy every tarragon plant that I encounter; I’m an herb hooligan. Dirty reminds one of “green licorice”. Imagine all of this in alcohol. (Shh…I know nothing about absinthe!) It’s strong but then it settles. I then get “lime thyme”, thyme with a slight citrus aroma. Dirty smells very green. Under the green, I get some medicinal lavender oil with cooling tarragon. Dirty smells fresh, green, and invigorating. OK, it smells “clean” and I can admit that I like it because it is called Dirty.

I like this fresh outdoors fragrance, it makes my curly tail wag, but I can’t wear fragrance. I don’t want companies to test on animals… Mom has decided to use this spray to freshen up the manly musk aromas that I leave in the house. Why don’t humans appreciate their pets’ refined and devoted aromas? Dirty comes in an industrial strength spray bottle and mom uses it like a room deodorizer by misting one spritz of Dirty in the air. I think that this is a better “air” scent than a body scent (smells like a natural deodorant), but that’s from a frug’s perspective. I’ll never appreciate the concept of body deodorant! Dad hates the smell of Dirty, what does he know?  He has a strong dislike of licorice and anise aromas, yes, including tarragon, because he is tasteless.  Not every male in the house can be as cultivated as bantam ‘ole me…

I say give this body spray a try if you are looking for a natural deodorant body spray for summer. I’m told that this one cools (Mom says) so that may be refreshing for sweaty days. I forget that you people don’t pant yourselves to coolness… I also recommend this if you want to smell like crisp tarragon, herbs, or absinthe. You may also want this if you want a natural air freshener or room deodorizer. It’s in a spray bottle, so you can spray the heck out of garbage pails and musty closets. This natural scent lingers.

LUSH Dirty

The Dirty Body Spray in the strange industrial strength spray bottle retails for $19.95 for 6 oz. and is available at LUSH. Mom says that there is a Gorilla Perfume in this scent that she wants to try. I have no desire to encounter and sniff a Dirty Gorilla. Oh, daffy humans!

xoxo Snorty kisses xoxo,

Frink the Frug

French bulldog/pug mix and four-legged fragrance commentator

*Disclaimer – This product was provided by LUSH to review. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. Haha beautifully written review Frink! Just in time for the summer. Just one question, by the name of it, it sounds like it could be for men? would my hubby like this?
    Diana recently posted..Learning Reiki

    1. Frink says:

      “Unless your hubby is a licorice-hater like my dad, then he should like it. Dirty is a fresh, clean, and green masculine. Imagine a natural version of Irish Spring! Unfortunately, it has attracted no Lassies.”

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